January 20 to February 14, 2014 NOMADS Project, Mercedes, MS

February 15 (Approximately) to June - Gate Guarding, TX or LA.

June, 2014 - Up to Alaska!

September - NOMADS Annual Meeting, Branson, MO

Monday, November 30, 2015


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Sunday, February 16, 2014

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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Getting reacquainted, and Quinta Mazatlan and Judy's test.

Mercedes, TX

One more week of our NOMADS project here in Mercedes.  Got lots done, lots to do.

On Tuesday night we met up with Carol Kerr a fellow blogger.  She introduced us to her friend Jeff.  We got together with Carol in Austin a couple of years ago and again in North Dakota.  Funny how RV'ers keep connecting.   We had fabulous BBQ at Willie's over in Alamo, TX.  Surely we will meet again down the road.

Yesterday we NOMADS visited Quinta Mazatlan in McAllen.  It is one of the few remaining adobe homes in Tx.  It was built in 1935 and constructed of 12 inch abode block.  The Main house has 6,739 sq feet of living area.  Some pictures of the house.

Quinta Mazatlan is now the McAllen wing of the World Building Center.  It has nature trails and water features.  Over 100 species of birds and 100 species of tropical and native trees and flowers have been identified here.

Judy..... your test for today.....

And what about this colorful bird.  Leonard modeling the birthday gift from granddaughters Charlotte and Abby who designed him a one-of-a-kind shirt.

Until next time......

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Back to the Rio Grande Valley

Mercedes,  TX

Yes, we've been back in this area since January 18.  But before here we spent a bit of time near Corpus Christi.  Judy, what are these?

We've completed our second week of volunteering with two weeks to go.   One project is some painting and renovating at a local mission.

Outside of the building is getting a good facelift.

Some of our ladies made new curtains for the inside. (Not me - I don't sew.  If Leonard needs a button replaced, he does it.)

On January 21 the group helped celebrate Leonard's birthday.   HOORAY!  Finally old enough for Medicare!

You might remember the dear family we worked with last year.   The 6 of them lived in this small trailer.  They have recently moved into a much larger house trailer.   Yesterday this trailer had to be moved from the property it was on or $200.00 more paid to the property owner.   So on our day off, Leonard, the 2nd oldest son in the family Jose and I moved the trailer.   All tires had to be aired up.   It was quite the challenge but we got 'er done!

This week coming we will work on getting some furniture for Nohemi and her five beautiful children.  They moved into their new home about a week ago and there was not one piece of furniture in it.  We did take a bed and dresser and small end table to it yesterday also.  

The entire family made us feel us good.   When they saw us they all came running with hugs.  Nohemi kept telling us in her broken English that she missed us.  Makes every mile we traveled to get here worthwhile.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

In warmer weather

Corpus Christi, TX

YES!   We are out of the cold and snow and generally uncomfortable weather we lived with up north and on our way south.

To review:   We spent Christmas in NJ and MD.

Grandson Justin who went with us to his Aunt Amy's house in Maryland on Christmas dinner.

Grandpop with Charlotte:

Grandpop with Abby:

The girls on Christmas

A few days before we left the north, this fellow came to visit on daughter Terri's roof in NJ.

We left NJ just in time on January 2.  The snow started when near Frederick, MD

We woke to this scene after a night at Camp Walmart in Frederick

We got on the road.  They really were not bad.

 After destroying 4 cameras in five years, Leonard gave me a new old for Christmas.  I must say I've been a little intimidated by it.   A NIKON Coolpix P520.   As such I failed to take pictures while visiting son in Alabama.  Also with family in Louisiana.  I took but one while visiting daughter D'Juana in Pearland, Tx.  This is from the balcony area of their new house.   Three adults just chillin.

We left Louisiana yesterday morning and drove down to Portland, TX.   We are staying at Sea Breeze RV Park until tomorrow.   What a view in front of our RV with  Corpus Christi across the bay.

Our treat in this area is meeting Carol and Jerry Pearson (www.waggintailsrv.com) who are parked right across from us.   This morning we drove into Corpus where we had a delightful breakfast at their favorite restaurant and even more delightful time visiting.

One of the reasons we wanted to stop in this area (beside meeting Jerry and Carol) is to get our Gate Guard license situation settled.  We applied one year ago next week.  We were told it could take 3-6 months.   Back in the summer  the gate guard company called me that I had to have my fingerprints redone.   We did that while in Iowa.  I received my license about two months later, in October.   Still none for Leonard.  We've called and called.  They continue to tell us the problem is with the Dept of Public Safety in Texas.  Back in November we were told Texas would be reissuing the license.  NOTHING YET.   

We've continued to call and nothing is happening.   So since we were near the gate guard company office we decided to stop in and talk in person.  They attempted on two phones to get through to the Texas Public safety people.  We waited more than a half hour while they were on hold.  Finally we gave up and left.  We will call back later to see if they got through.   Not having the license with us is not an issue as it shows on the computer system.  But still......

So tomorrow we drive the 155 miles down to Mercedes where we will be volunteering for 4 weeks.  Then we hope to get a gate guard assignment until early June.  At least that is the plan!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

I'll get around to it. someday....

Vinton, LA

I know ..... I haven't posted it a while.   I'll get around to it.  Someday.   Gotta download some pictures.  Of Christmas, of stuff.   Got a new camera and need to get used to it.   Too lazy to learn.

We left NJ on the 2nd.   Stopped in Alabama and visited son and granddaughter.  Spent a night in Baton Rouge where we caught up with dear friend Judy Hughes and got to meet her hubby Leonard.   They were so nice to take us to dinner.

Got to Vinton yesterday.   Spent today looking for a Social Security office.   We had signed up for Len's prescription coverage and a change in mine back in November while at a Walmart in NJ.   We thought the man doing the paperwork was a duffous.   Now it's confirmed.

Len went to Walmart yesterday to get a prescription filled only to find out his plan was cancelled.    I got bill for my plan through Humana/Walmart and premium was raised $5.00 when it was supposed to have decreased with the new plan.

Bottom line the man (a Humana rep.)who we dealt with at the NJ Walmart signed us up with a wrong code that is NOT the Walmart plan.    We called Humana today and they processed Len's application over the phone.  Won't start until February.   As for me, I've had a Humana/Walmart plan for a year so I need to make a complaint through Medicare showing the idiot enrolled me in a wrong plan starting January.  Because it was not a qualified plan in SD, they kept me in the old plan.   The one the dummy enrolled me in WASN'T EVEN A WALMART PLAN.  They could enroll Len because he is just now entitled to Medicare and is still in his open enrollment period.  

Got address for a SS office in Orange, TX and it's not there.    Went to Lake Charles, LA office and they close on Wednesday at noon.  We got there 12:45.   So I know what our plans are for tomorrow.   That and learn to download pics from this new camera.

Until later.......

Monday, December 16, 2013

Getting ready

White Hall, MD

On Friday night we drove down to older daughter's house in Maryland.   That evening was the Winter Carnival at Charlotte's school.     There were many activities including making Christmas decorations:

Saturday morning was Breakfast with Santa at a nearby United Methodist church.   Charlotte loves Santa.

Abby not so much.   She doesn't like his Red Suit.   She doesn't like his beard.  She doesn't like his mustache. It's not only Santa, it's ANY person in an animal costume.  No Easter Bunny, no Mickey Mouse, no Elmo.  She will have nothing to do with any them.    But she makes sure Charlotte relays to Santa what she wants.   Trying on Grandpop's hat.

After breakfast it was to a local tree farm to find the perfect tree.    I wish I could have had a ride like these two while trudging down the hill and back up through the snow.

Ah ha - the perfect tree.

Back at the house, Mom and Dad hung the lights.

While children waited patiently.   (yea, sure)

So they could do the real decorating.

And a fine job they did.

Wishing each of you peace and contentment during these busy days of preparation.