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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Back in NJ for a spell

Upper Deerfield Twp, NJ

Been a while since I've posted.   Here we sit in the cold in NJ.   Gotten really chilly this weekend.

Leonard left this morning to go Christmas shopping.  No doubt in my mind what's on the list.  I am REALLY tough on cameras.  I drop them.  I spill coffee on them.  I lose them.  I've gone through 3 cameras in as many years.  The last one I dropped only days into having it.  Bent the zoom lens.  We pried it so it would zoom. Worked reasonably well.   Three weeks ago I dropped it again.  This time no fixing it. Will take close-ups. Will not zoom.   His solution is to get me a Sports Camera.  Surrounded by rubber and waterproof.   Does he really think this will help?   I thought he knew me better than that.

We've had the girls for two weekends since returning to NJ.  Once here at Camp Driveway and then last weekend we stayed at their house in MD while their parents were in VA at a archaeological conference.

Not much else going on with me.  Leonard has been happy to be working back in his "shop".  Well, used to be his - belongs to son-in-law now.   Terri and Steve needed a new trailer to take stuff to recycling center. They bought one but it needed to be assembled.   Since Steve is working long hours Len was thrilled to work on it.   Mostly completed.   He will get out into the shop at 8 am and remain until late afternoon.  I will call him to see if he wants lunch -  most days no he doesn't.

The daughters go to their Dad's each Thanksgiving.  In past years we've worked at our church serving a dinner to those in need.  Church is not doing it this year.   That's okay with us.  We will be heading to my brothers house.   I talked to my sister-in-law yesterday.  28 people this year!    Oh my.   Should be a wee bit noisy.

Until next time - keep well.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Visit with a cousin in Kentucky

Upper Deerfield Twp,  NJ

We arrived back in NJ two days ago.    But on the way from Gore, OK to NJ we made time to visit with my cousin Bill in Berea, KY.  I have not seen Bill in many years and the visit was pure joy.

Bill and his wife Jenny:

I called Bill once we got to Berea and he and Jenny came right over to our site.   After getting caught up with each others lives over the years, we all went to the local Cracker Barrel for dinner where Bill treated.

The next morning Leonard and I drove to Bill's house that is about 6 miles outside town to continue our visit.  Bill then took us on a tour of Berea.  What a neat little town.   There are several little boutique-type shops in the old part of town.  In the midst sits this cabin that was built in 1820 and moved to this site.

Throughout town are many hand statues.   No idea why:

Berea, KY is the home of Berea College founded in 1855.   This college, with an enrollment of approximately 1,500, is free to all students and based on financial need.  All students must work 10 hours a week on campus.  They are issued a laptop which they keep upon graduation.

On the campus is historic Boone Tavern built in 1909 and named for Daniel Boone.

 No alcohol is served at the tavern nor can anyone bring alcohol into the tavern.    About 50% of the employees are Berea College students.  Most of the furniture in the inn was made by Berea students.

Students at the college learn, among the usual studies, various crafts such as building fine furniture and even brooms.   These items are sold throughout town at shops run by the students.

Bill in a wooden hat made by a student.

Following our tour of the area Bill took us to the nearby town of Richmond.  Richmond Ky is the site of a large military weapons storage facility where one of Bill's daughter works in security.  Bill settled in this part of the country as this is where he graduated High School.  At the time his father was an ammunition's inspector for the military and was assigned to the Richmond facility.    We all agreed it was time for dinner.Bob Evans this time.

We thoroughly enjoyed our time with Bill and Jenny as we have in the past with his sisters Muriel in Hereford, AZ and Bonnie in Oklahoma City.  Nice to keep up with the family.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Stopover in Little Rock

Little Rock, AR

We left Oklahoma yesterday morning driving a short 202 miles to Maumelle Park, a COE facility on Maumelle Lake.

Once more a great COE park.  Water and 30 Amp Electric for just $11.00.   We sit about 100 feet from the lake.

We took a walk around last night to check out the Marina.  Look at that houseboat.

We had visitors but they scooted off when we got too close.

Our site:

As it was Halloween, these site was all decked out.  Today the decorations have changed to just Razzorbacks.

The weather is beyond great.  Up to 75 today.    Our short visit to Little Rock would not be complete without a visit to:

Not a real pretty building.

This is only the 2nd Presidential Library we've visited, the other being the Eisenhower Library in Abilene, KS.  That building was so much more attractive.

Aside from the usual mementos of his life, campaigns and time in office there was a replica of the Cabinet Room:

And the Oval Office.

We planned on touring this Sub - The Razzorback.   However, it was closed due to the walkways needing repair.

So instead we visited Olive Garden.

We head out again tomorrow morning for a 350 mile drive where we will overnight at Camp Walmart near Nashville.    Feels good to be on the road again.