January 20 to February 14, 2014 NOMADS Project, Mercedes, MS

February 15 (Approximately) to June - Gate Guarding, TX or LA.

June, 2014 - Up to Alaska!

September - NOMADS Annual Meeting, Branson, MO

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Homeless, jobless, truckless

Last Saturday we took the fiver to the dealer to get some warranty work done. We expected to pick it up yesterday. In the meantime we are staying with Terri and Steve.

Len made appoinment to have the antifreeze flushed in his truck early yesterday to be done before we went to get the fiver. Lucky he made arrangments to have this done as the shop found a problem with the truck. The work had to be approved by Ford and the part ordered. Therefore, we could not get the fiver, leaving us "homeless" and still staying with Terri and Steve. This also left us "truckless" until no earlier than tomorrow.

AND today was my last day of work leaving me "jobless".

Friday, September 25, 2009

I QUIT!!! (and a new friend)

Yesterday was a very interesting day. It started low when a co-worker made comments regarding me not leaving work when I said I was going to. Bottom line - I was very hurt by her comments and decided it was time to leave. So - next week I go in and clean up those remaining chores left.

Then a higher note. I went to Terri and Steve's to feed the cats and dogs. What did I find but a 10 week old kitten who wanted to go home with me. Home he went. Len and I took him to vets as one eye was gooked shut. Vets says he has concussion, a misligned jaw and infections. Antibiotics will made him well. He is quite feisty and lovable. Len named him Lucky. Perhaps because I found him and not Len? We look forward to him traveling with us.

So for the next three months I will visit, get ready to travel and just all-in-all take care of myself.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Good news last night

Len had his appointment for the results of his 2nd biopsy. NO CANCER. It is an"oily mole", whatever that is!

So, we were set to retire next week. Because of earlier reports, we canceled retirement, campsites, NOMADS projects, etc. There must be a reason for all this.

When we look at it financially it makes sense to wait until January. My company gives a 3% profit sharing contribution but I must work last week of the year. I will. In next three months Len accrues 30 hours sick pay, 30 hours vacation and on 1/1/10 gets 3 personal days. He met with Personnel at the prison. If he works only until around January 5, he will get paid rest of the month giving him health benefits month of February. So it will be March before we need to start my Medicare supplement and get him his own policy.

The wait will give us more time to get to know Abigail and time to spend with our beloved Charlotte.

We will be back in this area in June. He must see cardiologist and dermatologist and I must see thyroid doctor around that time. We have a Montana Owners Club Rally in Pittsburgh in June so will then head this way for a length of time. Looks like we will be in this area at least every 6 months for various doctor appointments.

It will all work out. But just wait - there will be a major snow storm in the Northeast in the beginning of January giving us one more delay!!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

She's Married!

Whew - what a busy four days we just had. Terri and Steve married on Saturday.

On Thursday Terri and I did a lot of errands. Then again on Friday which included Terri baking her own wedding cake. She is a graduate of The Restaurant School in Philadelphia as a pastry chef. She also made several other pastries.

It took 6 men about 7 hours to erect the tent for the reception. The tables were delivered on Friday also. Then the tent was decorated with lights and lanterns On Saturday morning we set the tables and got much more preparations completed.

The wedding was at 3 and was an absolutely beautiful ceremony. It included their saying their own vows, Steve singing to Terri and a communion service. The reception back at the house was lovely although it got very cold by 7.

Charlotte came to the reception with us. She stayed the night and enjoyed church on Sunday morning. She is always a hit there. We then went back to Terri's and helped take down the tent. Terri and Steve have a great group of friends who took many hours to help them in every way possible.

We took Charlotte back home Sunday afternoon and got to hold and play with Abigail for a little while. We got home exhausted but please with a lovely weekend.

Tomorrow we hear the results of Len's latest test for skin cancer.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

As the days pass

We talk and talk about our future fulltiming. How much we wanted and planned to leave 10/5. Now we talk about January. I cancelled all reservations I had made except for the NOMADS commitments at Pharr Tx in February and Arkansas City, Kansas in April/May.

We bought a heavy duty 50amp extension cord from Amazon. We find they have the very best prices. We also want to get a small dehumidifier. I looked on Amazon this morning and found several. Together we will review the selection tonight.

Tomorrow Len has follow up appointment with his cardiologist about the catherization he had a few weeks back. We hope for relatively good news. Looks like it will just be taking cholesterol meds.

This weekend is Terri and Steves wedding. Weather expected to be clear but high 60's. Sure would be nice to up that about 10 degrees.

I am still reading lots of RVing books and pouring over maps. I love to plan. I just want some of those plans to come to become reality SOON!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

And yesterday things changed

Two weeks ago Len had a biopsy of a spot on his scalp. He told me this was a sore that was just not healing and he had it for about a year. A YEAR!! I insisted he see our doctor. She sent him to a dermatologist. The dermtoloist told him it is probably cancer.

Yesterday I went with him to get the results. It was inconclusive but we were told they really believe it is cancer. She took more skin to be sent out for biopsy. We go back in two weeks for results. If cancerous, he needs it removed surgically and the surgeon is backlogged two months. I told Len today to call our family doctor. This is unacceptable to wait two and a half months to remove a cancer growth.

Nevertheless, today we told our employers to cancel our retirement date once again. We are frustrated, scared and disappointed. But most of all, we need Len to be well. At the earliest, provided he is fine, we now can't leave until the first of the year.

I was to have sold my car today. Thank the Lord, we found this out before the transaction was made. We will try to look on the bright side. Hopefully Terri and Steve will get a mortgage before we take off and the Fiver will be paid for. Also, gives us more time to invest in our 401k's and less time we will need to draw down from our Roth IRA's until Len is 62 in January 2011.

That is all we can do - look for a silver lining and pray.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Four weeks to go

We just got back from the Labor Day camping trip with our Good Sam Club Tag a longs. Sadly, this will probably be our last trip with these friends. It has been a good two years belonging to the club. We will keep our membership active. Who knows, someday we may be in the area when they have a trip planned.

This weekend it was at Sea Pines Outdoor World in Swainton, NJ only 38 miles from Fairton. Most of the members belong to Outdoor World. We went in as guests.

SO, four weeks from today to take off. I have only 12 more working days, Len has 15. We made a list over the weekend of things we need to accomplish. I will work on our insurances later this week. Next weekend we make a quick trip to Alabama taking the cargo trailer to Len's son. We need the surge guard installed. My car still is not sold. We have a few minor items to buy for the Fifthwheel. They can be purchased at WalMart.

It seems we have a lot to do, but when I write the list things come more in perspective.