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February 15 (Approximately) to June - Gate Guarding, TX or LA.

June, 2014 - Up to Alaska!

September - NOMADS Annual Meeting, Branson, MO

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Closets and racks

Yesterday we went to Home Depot and Lowes (twice each!) From Home Depot we bought a door length rack with shelves that Len hung on the inside of the toilet room door. They are shallow but hold shampoo, medicine kits, wash clothes, etc.

Then at Lowes we got a stainless steel shelving set that Len assembled and put in the closet that is primed for the washer/dryer combo. At this time we have decided not to get a washer/dryer but do the laundramat thing.

On the shelves we will be putting the toaster, rice cooker, crockput, electric grill, some trays and probably pots and pans. Adding these two items gives us a little more storage capacity.

We plan on doing NOTHING today.

Friday, December 19, 2008

What to do with LOTS of soup...

Tonight our church was to go caroling. As with our usual practice, Len drives the church bus. Then all come back here for soup, hot chocolate and goodies. Yesterday I made about 18 quarts of soup. Today the weather is cold, very wet and miserable. The consensus is - all stay home tonight. Does anyone want some good homemade turkey vegetable soup? I just called my mother - she does!

One less thing to worry about. I have been concerned about getting Len health insurance until he turns 65. How great is that a dear woman I have "met" on WW Rv thread and RV-Dream.com is an insurance broker. She is also a full time RVer. Coleen explained a high deductible/Health Savings Account system. BINGO! We have a plan. Whew!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

That full feeling

Thanksgiving makes us full in many ways. Not only the great food, but the chance to serve others. As is our custom, our church provides a Thanksgiving day meal to three local organizations. We invite the residents of Ranch Hope in Alloway, NJ and Cumberland Family Shelter. We also prepare meals for Missions Teens in Norma NJ. The meals for Mission Teens are delivered or picked up by them.

So many members of our church assist in many ways by either donating food or their time. And many do both. Because of them, the day ran smoothly.

This will probably be our last year of service in this way at this church. But their outreach will continue and we will find other ways to serve.

Let's see what next Thanksgiving brings...... Blessings to all.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

A night and morning with Charlotte

Amy had some business to attend to up here. She and Charlotte arrived around 3 on Friday. We all had a pleasant dinner and evening at home. This morning Charlotte, Len and I went to our local "w's" Walmart, Walgreens and WaWa while Amy attended to what she needed to get done. Then we all went to lunch and they headed back to Maryland.

Len is outside working on something in his truck. He wants to start loading tools in the cargo trailer soon. It is extremely windy and very cold out.

Len talked to each of his kids today. Lenny and family have moved to Alabama, everyone else doing well.

I need to get out this weekend and get that turkey for Thanksgiving. Too cold today! Maybe tomorrow.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Night with friends and rainy hard

I spent last night outside Philadelphia with two old friends and a friend of theirs. Ate too much at the Cheesecake Factory.

Last night and right now it is raining hard. We did go out today and purchased a small flat, fireproof safe for the RV. Len will bolt it down.

I am still going through (very sporadically) papers in my home office. I have so much to shread that it would burn up the small shreader we have. I am taking a few small bags of papers into the office on Monday. Then I will clean out some more.

Opps - thunderstorm in area. I am signing off

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The interview

Today we interviewed for our first Workamping job. It is at Beachcomber Camping Resort near Cape May, NJ. We committed to a 13 week stint running from last week in June to 2nd week in September. This works for us for sure.

This job will not make us rich, but it is sufficient. It will be three months we will not have to draw down from investments. The big bonus is we will be back up in this area to visit with family. Of course our days off with be midweek but that is not a problem.

So, plans are coming together. Oh yes, one more item crossed off the "todo" list. We did our wills and living wills last night. Now to get busy cleaning out my home office and making a binder of our investments, insurance policies, wills, etc. I will do it soon as I am now motivated.

Monday, November 10, 2008

They are finally moved...Now we have lots to do.

Amy and Scott are finally into their new home in White Hall, MD. The final move was accomplished on Saturday. We went down to assist where we could.

Their old house had lots of steps -steps to get to the house, steps in the house. Their new house has lots of steps. Steps to the front porch to get in and steps to the basement, steps to the bedrooms, steps to the loft.

After several hours of Len walking up and down steps, he was afraid he tore another minuscus. So we came home and brought Charlotte with us for the night, leaving Scott and Amy to finish. Len woke Sunday feeling fine. Amy says Scott knees were bothering him too by Sunday.

Next step in preparation to fulltime - I am going to get my office here in the house cleaned out. We have promised the book shelves to friends. Also I am making a binder of our investments, bank accounts, etc to give to Amy "just in case". My goal is to get this done within two weeks. We also need to update our wills. That also is on the "get done real soon list".

Then I need to start looking at health insurance options for Len and a Medicare supplemental policy for me. Our health insurance through NJ Department of Corrections ends first week in March.

Tomorrow we have a job interview for Workamping at Beachcomber RV park in Cape May. We would like for it to be for three months late in the summer. We will see.

Lots to do. Time is catching up with us.

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Glad that is over. Had yard sale today. Only made $90.00 but got rid of LOTS of stuff. We stored most of what was left. Terri and I will pull it out next summer or fall when I am in the area and do it again. She made about $40.00, her son Justin almost $20.00.

Our new rv mattress came in today. It is on the bed and we changed over to flannel sheets. Come February we will be glad they are on it. While out, we dropped off some clothes and a huge box of stuffed toys to Salvation Army.

I sat one chair outside that is in excellent shape structually but it is about 40 years old and the fabric is starting to dry rot. Nothing like a FREE sign. It was gone in less than 1/2 hour.

Tomorrow we load up the furniture that goes to Amy and we will take it on down to her.

So glad we get that one extra hour of sleep tonight. I am so ready.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Yard Sale Rescheduled

As Saturday is supposed to be nice, we will try one more time. This works better as Terri came over last night and priced her many items.

Today I received our November/December issue of Workamper News. I am delighted to see three ads in our local area. We have camped at two of the parks and know of the third. Two are in the Cape May, NJ area - Beachcomber and Holly Shores. The other is in Dorothy, NJ - Country Oaks. We have camped at Country Oaks and Holly Shores. Len and I agree we can commit to a three month job this summer back up here in NJ. I sent resumes to all three. Let's see what happens now.

Terri and I went through the house last night looking at everything. There is not much she wants left here. Len checked the cargo trailer we just purchased and it leaks! They said to bring it back and it will be fixed. Good thing we had a heavy rain before we started loading.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Yard Sale cancelled

Well with looking at weather predictions we are expecting heavy rain and wind tomorrow. So, yard sale will wait. Just as well. I still have lots of stuff to go through.

I took off work today - just because. I seldom take a day off but today I really needed a respite. My days there are long and boring. Some of my tasks have been reassigned. I am not busy unless there is a plant injury or a disciplinary action needs to be taken, neither of these are good things.

We are making some changes to our Fiver Pantry shelves. It is a pull out contraption of wire baskets hanging on a rack. The baskets hang off both sides of the rack and are only about as wide as a can of soup. We have found we can snip one side of each wire baskets bend the side down over and lay it over the other basket to make one wide basket. This will give a lot more storage capacity. Simple!

Amy just called and said she is off work today too -waiting for the furnace man. After done with him we will meet and I will bring Charlotte back here allowing Amy to paint in the new house again this weekend. Pop Pop will be thrilled.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Yard sale scheduled

Ahh.... I feel like we have one more thing off the list. Terri and I will have our yard sale this Saturday. Len and I have started to load items in our cargo trailer. Since we have very little traffic on our road, we go around the corner to our friend Kathy's. She has a hair dressing business at her house and is on a heavily traveled road.

We are also starting to "unload" our freezer. I have a habit of buying food every time I see a good sale. We almost have enough to keep us fed until we leave in February. So, now when I go to the grocery, I go with list in hand and buy only those items we NEED.

So much to do - but it will get done.

I did sign up last week for Social Security. I will see that first check on the 2nd Wednesday of February. YIPPEE!!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

In preparation - more money gone...

One more thing off our list. Last night we ordered a mattress for the RV. As anyone who has owned a RV knows, the mattresses that come with it leave a whole lot to be desired. RV mattresses are an old size. I never knew it but ours is called a Queen Short. Easy to understand - it is as wide as a standard Queen but not as long. We should be able to pick it up by the end of the month.

As I type this, Len is under the Fiver doing some maintenance work. We replaced our mid-size slide topper this week. Several months ago we replaced the smallest one. Fortunately the largest topper looks to be in good shape.

Terri and Steve brought another load of their belongings to the house last night. The "empty" bedroom is anything but.

We will not have Charlotte this weekend as Alice and Donna Emory (Scott's mom and sis) are going to their house to watch her as they work in the new house. This will be a great thing for Charlotte. Hopefully next weekend we will be able to load up the furniture we are giving Amy and Scott and take it down to them. They will also be using one of our bedroom sets in their guest room until needed again by us.

As soon as we can find a decent weekend, Terri and I will have our yard sale. Cold weather will set in soon.

Things are processing well as scheduled.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

One more item off the list

Yesterday we bought a cargo trailer that we will use to store tools, furniture, etc in while we are fulltiming. We pick it up Thursday and will probably take it to Amy and Scott on Saturday so they can use it to move the rest of their belongings to their new house.

Tonight we mowed the grass. With all the recent rain and sun it is unusally thick. As I was mowing I was thinking that there will not be many more times I will need to mow. Although, I really never minded doing that chore and the yard looks so nice with freshly cut grass.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Moving along

Our house is officially OFF THE MARKET. I spoke to our realtor today and told him we would not be renewing the contract. Terri sees her realtor over the weekend and her condo goes on the market. We all trust her condo will sell quickly.

Today I bought some small round stickers. I will ask Terri to go through the house and put a sticker on the items she wants left in the house when she moves in. There will be things that she will eventually keep and others Len and I will take when we settle in a stick and brick again. Still lots more that we will divest ourselves of.

This weekend we are going to Amy's. With so much changes in Charlotte's life right now, she is getting clingy when Amy or Scott leave her. This week was new daycare and she knows they are preparing to move into a new house as they are busy with a lot of disruptions. So Len and I will go down there tomorrow and stay the weekend while they work at the new house.

I also bought some "space bags" to store clothes, etc. Curious to see how well they work.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Chili cook off

Today we went to a chili cook off over in Vineland. We had Charlotte with us. Steve's band played for a while so we met Terri there. Charlotte was a hoot dancing and twirling. We are all exhausted.

Only one chili was worth its peppers. Some participants also had ribs. The one with the best chili also had the best and largest sample of ribs. Surely they will win.

Tomorrow we take Charlotte home and will get to see Amy and Scott's new house. We will be loading a trailer with items from here that we are giving them. I feel lighter every time something leaves. We had really better sell this house or one day we will have nothing to sit on, lay on or eat off.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Back from the UK

We got home from Scotland yesterday afternoon. Gosh - that place is D A M P. Rained up until two days before we left. While there we managed to C&C. I would call it a castle and catheral tour.

We stayed in Avielmore which is about 30 miles south of Inverness in the Highlands area. The roads were as we expected, narrow and winding. Driving on the left made for a challenging trip.

With the exchange rate as it is, it made for an expensive 9 days. As we stayed in a self-catering lodge, we prepared breakfast and dinners there. However lunch for the four of us would average 4o pounds - translated to almost $80.00.

We were surprised to see so many RV's on the road. They are quite small and usually trailers towed by cars. There were some small Class C's. We only saw one large Classs A. I would not want to be driving that except on the main roadways. Many, many campgrounds; what the Scotish call Caravan parks. We noticed most only had electrical hookups.

Altogether an interesting trip but good to be back in the States.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A great day was had but also sadness with it

What a yard party. We estimate about 175 people attended. Future son-in-law coordinated two separate bands composed of members of several bands. WOW were they good.

The weather was perfect. Remants of hurricane Hanna blew through on Saturday giving us a windy wet day but Sunday opened clear, breezy and warm.

And the food - most people contributed their efforts and it was much appreciated. Daughter Amy and her Scott took over on the grill. Daughter Terri kept things moving. The real steal of the day was Charlotte in the party dress. She had a blast dancing, running, playing and even talking out over the mic saying "thank you people, thank you people". I laughed til I cried.

So now that's over - time to think about Scotland. I 've started going through my warerobe. Weather there will be in 50's and 60's. Perfect!

Tonight and tomorrow will be sad days. A dear, fine, lady from church at only 50 had a brain aneurysm and died on Friday. There is not a person I know who ever said a bad word about Karen Johnson. Tonight is the viewing, tomorrow her funeral. Oh, this is going to be difficult. Our church family is in shock. She will be missed.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Lots to do!

Last weekend we camped at Old Cedar with our Good Sam camping group Tag-a-Longs. This might well have been our last trip with them unless they have something planned when we are back in the area.

On Sunday we will be having our huge Yard Party. Could be close to 200 people here. Probably more like 150 as some people say yes but then don't show. We have lots to do but not the ambition to do it.

Then our next big thing is getting ready to head to Scotland next Friday.

Once back from Scotland we will again get serious about scaling down some more. My brother, Norm, did take our sofa bed, a chair and a mattress and box spring to our cabin last weekend. Family room looks empty as does one bedroom. Little by little.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

A little bragging

As I am sitting here I hear sirens down the road and now I remember why. Our local Little League team won the Little League World Series. They flew back today and were being met at the end of the Township by the 3 volunteer fire companies to be escourted to the Little League field. Quite a celebration going to there. Way to go guys!

Accomplished a lot

Whew - yesterday was a busy day. In anticipation of our yard party September 7 we worked in the yard most of the day. I power washed front steps and brick walkway. Len cut LOTS of growth along hedge row and low hanging branches. I mowed about 1/2 the yard. We both picked up the limbs and branches and hauled them away. We cleaned out the basement. There is very little left down there except a few things Amy wants. Len swept it out and then hauled off the debris. Lots of the debris was the remains of the old coal bin. Len also swept out and straightened up his shop.

In between we helped serve dinner at the Seabrook House Matriarc Center.

By evening we were both hurting! Today it was church, Sunday school and Cracker Barrel.

We made plans to borrow a friends flatbed trailer for the band on the 7th. Dancing will be done on the asphalt driveway. Terri and I need to get together and decide what all else we need to get. All paper goods are purchased. We expect upwards of over 150 people.

Hoping for great weather.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

A fine day

We got a somewhat early start and picked up Terri and Steve. I am looking for a swimsuit to take on our trip to Scotland in September. The resort we are staying at has a hot tub and inside pool. My only swimsuit is many years old and takes forever to dry. After checking out 4 stores - no luck. Not much left on the racks. Amy suggests LL Beam online. I just found one I like but need my measurements (yuk!) I kinda don't feel comfortable buying a swimsuit on line but I just may not have a choice.

After shopping we had lunch and then visited cousin Lois in physcial rehab center. She's had to have all toes removed from one foot but is doing well. After taking Terri and Steve home, we stopped at Moms for a short visit. She had fallen earlier in the week and is quite bruised.

In the afternoon Len did some loose paint removal so we can paint deck steps tomorrow. I will also get out the power washer and clean the deck. We will also wash down the Fiver. The back is especially dirty.

There is a problem with our portable generator giving power to the rig. Always worked before Len put in a power surger. Can't figure it out.

Tomorow is another day. Almost time to call it a night.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Early thunderstorms

We have so much to do in the yard but awoke to heavy rains and thunder. Len did manage to get one field mowed last night. That was our first free night since the 23rd.

We had the pleasure of Miss Charlotte's company from Tuesday night to Thursday night. I took off work one day and Len the other. Amy had a procedure, Scott had to work and Charlotte had some type of virus and could not go to daycare.

It has been some time since I've concentrated on emptying this house. As I look around I see lots to do. For sure once the summer is over I will be heaving lots of summer clothes. Those we will take with us I will put in a "Space bag" and store under the bed.

Amy and Scott have a settlement date for their house purchase. Looks like it is a go unless the inspector comes back with lots of concerns. Once they move, there are many items from here that will go to her.

Terri is still considering purchase of this house. If so, many items will not have to be moved before we fulltime. It will all fall into place.

When I say it is 5 months and three + weeks, feels like just around the corner.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Back to the grind

We got back this afternoon after camping with friends and family since Thursday down near Ocean City MD. We stayed at Castaways RV Resort. For the two previous years on this trip we also all stayed at the same campground. However, it was then Eagles Nest.

This Campground is completely renovated. They have done a remarkable job in less than a year. Since it is on the bay and right across from Assateague Island they can command a hefty fee. This year it was $59 a night. Next year it goes to $79. with a 7 day minimum. Too rich for my blood.

This cost is fine for those folks who use this as their yearly vacation. However, we would always go for just 4 days/nights. Since we hope to be fulltiming by next July it is a non-issue. And as fulltimers we sure would not be paying any $553.00 per week!!

We did have a good time and lots of good eating. Most of our friends and family stay until Wednesday. Not us - it is back to the salt minds tomorrow. Oh to be able to have just taken off in what ever direction we chose when we pulled out at 11 am this morning and not have to think about w o r k i n g and j o b s.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Not the end of mowing

Len took the mower to a friend who fixes small engines, etc. He picked it up this morning. Lew checked it out and put some oil or something it in. He then mowed for 15 minutes and no problem. Too hot to try it out today. Maybe tomorrow?

Amy, Scott and Charlotte are up from Cockeysville, MD. They are at a family reunion on her father's side. Then going to visit friends. They won't be here until around 9 tonight.

In 45 minutes Len and I are scheduled to serve dinner at the Matriarc Center at Seabrook House. Being only 1/2 mile up the road, we have not even started getting ready.

We shopped last night for supplies for next weeks camping trip. Len has installed the stabilizer bars under the fiver. Anxious to test them out.

Well, time to get ready....

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Finally - time to rest

We had a great two days with Charlotte. Friday night we took her to the ending program and picnic for our church's Vacation Bible School. On Saturday we took her to Storybook Land down near Atlantic City. My, has that place grown since last we were there. Of course that was when grandson Justin was little and he turns 21 in September. About that same time we took daughter Cassie when she was visting from Louisiana and she must have been about 8 or so.

At first the rides scared Charlotte but she got over that real fast. After about 3 1/2 hours in the park we were ready to head home. Today we went to church and then left the house a little after 12. We met Amy about 1/2 way between our homes and got back home at 3:30. Len turned the TV on but I would be willing to bet he's zonked out.

We saw lots of RV's on the road. Bet they were headed home from a fun weekend. Only 12 days and we head out for a 4 1/2 day campout.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Might be the end of mowing

Well, I got about 1/2 the yard mowed and heavy smoke stated pouring from the mower. I yelled to Len who was still working on the stabilizers for the fiver. He ran in the house and got the extinguisher. By the time he got back out an apparent fire was out. He started the mower again. Within few seconds more smoke. He started it three more times and more smoke. So, I guess the mower goes to the shop. No way will I buy a new riding mower for only the next few months. And if this is going to cost a lot to repair, that either. I would rather the field be left to grow and pay someone to mow the rest of the yard.

Tomorrow we are leaving work an hour early and headed toward Baltimore. It's been a month since we have had Charlotte with us. We meet Amy at the Cracker Barrel at exit 80 on I95. That exit is about 3/4 of the way to their house. She's been telling Charlotte that Grandmom and PopPop will be coming to get her for the weekend. We are excited.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I am learning how to do this little by little

Okay, I managed to get this blog started with relatively little effort. Friends from our RV WW site have helped. Thanks for the input Karon and Ellie. WTG Mary and Maureen. I even figured out how to add a picture. It is of Leonard and our youngest GD Charlotte who will be two on July 28. We had her with us camping back in April.

Hubby loves to build things and tinker in his shop. He especially likes metal working and welding. The last few days he has made braces to better stablize our Fifth wheel when it is set up. As anyone knows who has been in a fifth wheel, if it is not just right there can be some sway when walking around inside. The braces he made would cost more than $250 at Camping World or through an RV dealer. The cost of the materials was less than $30. and he's had fun making them. He sure does come in handy. I am anxious to see how they improve our rig when we next camp which isn't until the end of July.

We have had two real hot, humid days. It is expected to cool down a little tomorrow. If so, I will jump on the riding mower. It takes at least 3 hours to mow our yard as it is a little over two acres. One more job I will not miss when fulltiming! (well maybe a little)

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

July 8, 2008

In May 2006 camped for a week in Charlottesville, Va. We met a couple who were workamping and fulltimers. Being new to Rving we had never heard of people actually living in an RV. WE WERE HORRIFIED! You mean people actually roamed the country and had no "home"??

We continued RVing through that summer. By September we were hooked. We decided that we would become fulltimers when Leonard turned 62 in January 2011. Yea, that was our plan.

However, the next Spring we had a 48 year old mechanic at the plant where I worked come to work and 15 minutes later was dead of a heart attack. One week later a supervisor died of cancer at 52. Me, being, 5 years older than Leonard did not want to work until age 67. So, we crunched the numbers and decided to start fulltiming in 2009, a full two years earlier than original

What have we done so far? Sold our 1988 motorhome, bought a 2002 38" Cedar Creek Fifthwheel trailer, participated in two yard sales, sold our horses and horse trailer, sold our rototiller and weed whacker, gave away lots of stuff and put the house on the market.

Okay- that brings us to today. Our goal to head on out is only 207 days away. Everything is contingent on selling this house. We will see....