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Monday, July 28, 2008

Back to the grind

We got back this afternoon after camping with friends and family since Thursday down near Ocean City MD. We stayed at Castaways RV Resort. For the two previous years on this trip we also all stayed at the same campground. However, it was then Eagles Nest.

This Campground is completely renovated. They have done a remarkable job in less than a year. Since it is on the bay and right across from Assateague Island they can command a hefty fee. This year it was $59 a night. Next year it goes to $79. with a 7 day minimum. Too rich for my blood.

This cost is fine for those folks who use this as their yearly vacation. However, we would always go for just 4 days/nights. Since we hope to be fulltiming by next July it is a non-issue. And as fulltimers we sure would not be paying any $553.00 per week!!

We did have a good time and lots of good eating. Most of our friends and family stay until Wednesday. Not us - it is back to the salt minds tomorrow. Oh to be able to have just taken off in what ever direction we chose when we pulled out at 11 am this morning and not have to think about w o r k i n g and j o b s.

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