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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I am learning how to do this little by little

Okay, I managed to get this blog started with relatively little effort. Friends from our RV WW site have helped. Thanks for the input Karon and Ellie. WTG Mary and Maureen. I even figured out how to add a picture. It is of Leonard and our youngest GD Charlotte who will be two on July 28. We had her with us camping back in April.

Hubby loves to build things and tinker in his shop. He especially likes metal working and welding. The last few days he has made braces to better stablize our Fifth wheel when it is set up. As anyone knows who has been in a fifth wheel, if it is not just right there can be some sway when walking around inside. The braces he made would cost more than $250 at Camping World or through an RV dealer. The cost of the materials was less than $30. and he's had fun making them. He sure does come in handy. I am anxious to see how they improve our rig when we next camp which isn't until the end of July.

We have had two real hot, humid days. It is expected to cool down a little tomorrow. If so, I will jump on the riding mower. It takes at least 3 hours to mow our yard as it is a little over two acres. One more job I will not miss when fulltiming! (well maybe a little)


vorlonwife said...

Congratulations on your blog. I will try to create a link from my blog to yours.


Barb said...

WTG on the blog! Look forward to more posts from you and more photos.