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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Looking at damage

Upper Deerfield Twp, NJ

A little earlier today we took a ride to the nearby town of

Fortescue sits right on the Delaware Bay.    It is a small town with lots of summer and some year round homes.     There are a few tiny stores and one really nice restaurant that is only open in summer.   There is also a marina that caters to many charter fishing boats.
We had heard there was damage from the recent superstorm Sandy.   There is only one main road in town that hugs the bay.  That road dead ends on each end.    Along the entire length of the road (maybe a mile?) we encountered work crews.  Some were cleaning the sand off the road.
Others were picking up trash and hauling it to dumpsters which line the street.
From the road where it curves, we could see some damaged homes.
Better views from up close.
It would be nice being right on the water, especially a summer home.  But the damages from storms is always a consideration.     From what we could see, the major damage was clustered in one area and only on the houses that sat feet from the bay.
Curious about the harder hit areas on NJ but not expecting to take a ride over there before we leave here on January 2.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Glad we can do it.

Upper Deerfield Twp,  NJ

First, I have neglected to welcome Sharon Wallace as a reader of this blog.  So good to see you here, Sharon.

The last two days have been full of activity.  We were asked two Sunday's ago if we would cook and serve meals at our church for a group of young men who reside at Ranch Hope for Boys a residence facility not far from here.     We agreed to do this as we have done before when in the area.  

We made several trips to the grocery store as it had turkey's on sale for $.99 a pound provided you purchased $25.00 in other groceries.  The catch - only one turkey at a time.  So three trips.

Yesterday two church members helped for a couple of hours with some of the prep work as did our Pastor.

One of our members who is a retired school teacher decorates our social hall for every season or holiday.

Thankfully my daughter, son-in-law, and grandson were agreeable to helping us this morning before leaving right after serving time for their dinner at her Father's house.   At serving time we were helped by two ladies from the church and the Pastor.  Must importantly they stayed to help clean up.     

Before the meal our Pastor did a short presentation and we all sang one song.  That's me at the piano. 

The guys and staff of the Ranch were so well behaved and appreciative of our efforts.   

We are full of not only good food but a satisfaction of serving others.

Hope that each of you had a blessed day in the company of your loved ones.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

End of another week...

Upper Deerfield Twp, NJ

What have we done this past week?    Saturday night it was getting together with friends and listening and dancing to the music of our son-in-laws band.  Sunday it was church.   Maybe that was not such a good idea.  

Over the years we've helped serve Thanksgiving dinner at our church to people who had no place else to go, clients of a drug rehab and a residence for troubled boys.  Last year we fed 150 at the local Salvation Army.     Since last year the pastor and wife moved to another church. They did the shopping and planning for the previous years.   So, Sunday we go to services.   In front of everyone, a member asks us if we will prepare the meals again at the Salvation Army.   We said we would HELP.  Bottom line - WE ARE THE HELP.   Us, only us.

On Monday it was decided not to serve at the Salvation Army but instead for us to prepare and serve the boys from the home at the church.    We will be feeding about 40, a lot easier than 150.  Thanks!   But no one can help us on Thanksgiving except the new pastor.    We will get some people out for prep work Wednesday afternoon.   Okay, we can do this.

Thursday night we met up with a couple I went to High School with for dinner and a visit at their house.  They both lost their spouses a few years back.  Then they ran into each other and one thing led to another which led to marriage.  Good for them.

Friday afternoon we got the granddaughters.  They go home tomorrow morning.     

We have a lot of the shopping done for Thanksgiving so the next few days should be relatively easy.

If I don't post before, wishing each of you a blessed Thanksgiving.   I'm thinking I've sounded like I'm complaining about being "hooked" into the work we will be doing in a few days.  I guess maybe I am but more than that I am thankful we are able to serve.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

It's for the birds

Upper Deerfield Twp,  NJ

Over a week since I've posted an entry. We've been quite busy.  Last Wednesday we took the rig down to Smyrna, Delaware to have an air conditioner installed in the bedroom.   We also had the roof and slides checked out.  Then we knew there were issues with the brakes.  Bottom line - we overnighted in their lot with water and electric for two nights and then they presented us with the $3,748.00 bill.    RVing living is NOT cheap.

While there we drove over to Maryland on Thursday and picked up Charlotte and Abby who stayed with us until Monday.

Near the RV dealer is one of our favorite National Wildlife Refuges.

We drove through on Thursday and again on Friday with the girls.   Such a good time to visit.

Canada Geese

Snow Geese off in the distance

Many, many Great Blue Herons

And lots of Egrets

Wild turkeys who know it is November and quickly ran out of the road and into the woods.

These which I am not sure what they are.   Judy, help.

 On the road to the refuge is mostly cornfields.   This mailbox seems appropriate.

Sunday was my birthday.   Granddaughters helped to celebrate.

 We got a bit of snow yesterday from the Nor'Easter but it is gone already.  Len has been sick last few days but is fine today.  Not sure if he had a head cold, something else or just exhausted from over 4 days trying to keep up with the girls.  Bottom line, he slept most of Tuesday and Wednesday.