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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Looking at damage

Upper Deerfield Twp, NJ

A little earlier today we took a ride to the nearby town of

Fortescue sits right on the Delaware Bay.    It is a small town with lots of summer and some year round homes.     There are a few tiny stores and one really nice restaurant that is only open in summer.   There is also a marina that caters to many charter fishing boats.
We had heard there was damage from the recent superstorm Sandy.   There is only one main road in town that hugs the bay.  That road dead ends on each end.    Along the entire length of the road (maybe a mile?) we encountered work crews.  Some were cleaning the sand off the road.
Others were picking up trash and hauling it to dumpsters which line the street.
From the road where it curves, we could see some damaged homes.
Better views from up close.
It would be nice being right on the water, especially a summer home.  But the damages from storms is always a consideration.     From what we could see, the major damage was clustered in one area and only on the houses that sat feet from the bay.
Curious about the harder hit areas on NJ but not expecting to take a ride over there before we leave here on January 2.


Elaine said...

How sad to see such destruction...looks like a pretty little place

Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

Oh dear...how sad. I just can't image how those people feel. Praying that they can get that area cleaned up fast so those displaced can return to their homes.

JO said...

I hate seeing that. Such pretty places. I guess Seaside Hieghts was pretty much done for too and along that whole stretch.
Just pray for those who lost all but at least I hope not lives

Laurie and George said...

Amazing the power of nature. Hopefully they will be able to rebuild.

Rick Doyle said...

It's really too bad to see so much damage in such a beautiful place.

Donna K said...

Those houses show how powerful a storm surge can be, and those are probably not as damaged as many. You're right, an ocean view is nice but I'm not sure it is worth the risk.