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Saturday, November 17, 2012

End of another week...

Upper Deerfield Twp, NJ

What have we done this past week?    Saturday night it was getting together with friends and listening and dancing to the music of our son-in-laws band.  Sunday it was church.   Maybe that was not such a good idea.  

Over the years we've helped serve Thanksgiving dinner at our church to people who had no place else to go, clients of a drug rehab and a residence for troubled boys.  Last year we fed 150 at the local Salvation Army.     Since last year the pastor and wife moved to another church. They did the shopping and planning for the previous years.   So, Sunday we go to services.   In front of everyone, a member asks us if we will prepare the meals again at the Salvation Army.   We said we would HELP.  Bottom line - WE ARE THE HELP.   Us, only us.

On Monday it was decided not to serve at the Salvation Army but instead for us to prepare and serve the boys from the home at the church.    We will be feeding about 40, a lot easier than 150.  Thanks!   But no one can help us on Thanksgiving except the new pastor.    We will get some people out for prep work Wednesday afternoon.   Okay, we can do this.

Thursday night we met up with a couple I went to High School with for dinner and a visit at their house.  They both lost their spouses a few years back.  Then they ran into each other and one thing led to another which led to marriage.  Good for them.

Friday afternoon we got the granddaughters.  They go home tomorrow morning.     

We have a lot of the shopping done for Thanksgiving so the next few days should be relatively easy.

If I don't post before, wishing each of you a blessed Thanksgiving.   I'm thinking I've sounded like I'm complaining about being "hooked" into the work we will be doing in a few days.  I guess maybe I am but more than that I am thankful we are able to serve.


where's weaver said...

The boys will also be so greatful that you are serving also. I wish I were as unselfish as you two. Thank you for thinking of others.

Laurie and George said...

That is a very unselfish thing to do for the holiday. It will bless a lot of people, and you as well! Happy Thanksgiving!

Judy and Emma said...

You are good people! Can't think of a reason I'd ever be in NJ for Thanksgiving, but if I were I'd willingly give you a hand...

JO said...

I second what Judy said. But I bet you can recruit some of those boys to help.
Bless you both and Happy Thanksgiving.

Kenny And Angela's Adventure said...

You guys are going to make some boys happy..

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Rick Doyle said...

Have a great Thanksgiving and after all the work serving others, I hope you have a terrific Turkey dinner for yourselves.