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Thursday, November 8, 2012

It's for the birds

Upper Deerfield Twp,  NJ

Over a week since I've posted an entry. We've been quite busy.  Last Wednesday we took the rig down to Smyrna, Delaware to have an air conditioner installed in the bedroom.   We also had the roof and slides checked out.  Then we knew there were issues with the brakes.  Bottom line - we overnighted in their lot with water and electric for two nights and then they presented us with the $3,748.00 bill.    RVing living is NOT cheap.

While there we drove over to Maryland on Thursday and picked up Charlotte and Abby who stayed with us until Monday.

Near the RV dealer is one of our favorite National Wildlife Refuges.

We drove through on Thursday and again on Friday with the girls.   Such a good time to visit.

Canada Geese

Snow Geese off in the distance

Many, many Great Blue Herons

And lots of Egrets

Wild turkeys who know it is November and quickly ran out of the road and into the woods.

These which I am not sure what they are.   Judy, help.

 On the road to the refuge is mostly cornfields.   This mailbox seems appropriate.

Sunday was my birthday.   Granddaughters helped to celebrate.

 We got a bit of snow yesterday from the Nor'Easter but it is gone already.  Len has been sick last few days but is fine today.  Not sure if he had a head cold, something else or just exhausted from over 4 days trying to keep up with the girls.  Bottom line, he slept most of Tuesday and Wednesday.


Kenny And Angela's Adventure said...


Think Len is getting to old to chase little kids around??

Elaine said...

Happy birthday to you !,,, wow that was some bill !,,,

Carol and Kevin said...

Happy Birthday! We're glad Len is feeling better!

where's weaver said...

A very happy belated birthday wish! Looks like you had a wonderful group to celebrate with.
You are right...RVing isn't cheap. People really don't understand that. We have to put in a hot water tank. Not a cheap repair but not nearly as expensive as yours.

Laurie and George said...

Happy birthday! Sorry Len isn't feeling up to par.
Looks like there is lots of wildlife there.

Judy and Emma said...

Looks like a double crested cormorant in the first pic, but maybe yellow legs in the shorebird pic? I'm not an expert on shore birds. :(

Eek! On the snow! I'd be out of there. :)

JO said...

Happy Belated Birthday. It was nice to have the girls help celebrate

Donna K said...

Happy Birthday to you. Hope Len is feeling better. Those little ones can sure wear you out but it is so worth it.

Love that mailbox. Someone is very clever.

Peggy n David said...

Happy Birthday GF...and many more!