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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Abby had some special days.

Upper Deerfield Twp, NJ

We've been back in this area almost a month now.    Daughter Terri had her surgery and is doing well as can be expected.    She did have a return trip to the hospital just a few days following her release.  As she is allergic to so many medications they had a tough time regulating her pain.   When she was re-admitted she stayed another few days until she felt better.    Each day she is stronger but still has a way to go before she can go back to work or even be allowed to drive.   That does not stop her from working at home via phone and computer.

Now for the post title -  it might be called instead "It's all about Abby"

Her 4th birthday was June 10  (our 20th wedding anniversary).   The following Saturday it was birthday party time.

The theme was Tea Party.    Lovely hats and shaws for all.   Although not all worn in this picture.

The girls and guests had a fun time in the play house Leonard made for Abby and Charlotte.

Smacking at the Pinata is always fun., and sometimes a bit dangerous.

Even more fun (and dangerous) is scrambling for the candy.

All finished up with the traditional cake.   Abby by the cake with sister Charlotte looking on.

Abby's next special day was the end of school year program at her daycare.  There she is in the middle, singing her heart out.    Jesus Loves the Little Children and Do Lord!

Getting her Year End certificate for moving up to the next level.

So, June is about to disappear.  Let's see what July has in store.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Busy few days

Upper Deerfield Twp,  NJ

So here we are back "home".    We arrived here on Thursday and set up camp at Camp Driveway at daughter Terri's.  On Friday we drove the two hours to daughter Amy's house.  We were anxious to see the girls.

As Charlotte had tennis lessons Saturday morning we took Miss Abby to the nearby:

This is the site of a beautiful home and grounds of the late Harvey S. Ladew (1887-1976)   He was born in NYC but moved to Maryland as an adult and bought these 200+ acres in Monkton MD.   Ladew was a traveler, foxhunter, author.  He was friends with Richard Rodgers, Lawrence of Arabia, the English Royal Family, Cole Porter, Noel Coward, Charlie Chaplin, Clark Gable and others.

    As Amy and Scott live only 6 miles from the gardens they have an annual pass, Abby knows the gardens wells and gave us our tour.


That afternoon Charlotte had a birthday to go to.   After the party we bought the girls back to NJ.  Sunday morning was church.

After church we took the girls to the birthday party (OPPS, forget to get their pics) of two great-nephews.  Jaxon and his cousin Jonathan were born just days apart.   The party was at Cape May County Zoo near Cape May.    Always a great place for kids.

No these are NOT real alive animals.  But we did see a variety of living, breathing ones.


My brother (sitting down) in the hat.

My sister in the forefront.  My sister-in-law in the orange.

When Abby came down the slide, her hair would stand on end due to the static.


Following the birthday party with family, we took the girls home to Maryland.

Then Monday was a very anxious day.  Daughter Terri has several health problems some caused by scar tissue from when she had her son with a C-Section almost 26 years ago.  She is in constant pain.   So Monday was surgery.   Amazingly she had a team of SEVEN surgeons and 7 assistants.   We arrived at the hospital a little after 8:30 am and left at 7:30 pm.  She finally got into a room after midnight.  Her hubby was the only one permitted to see her following surgery. 

We had planned to return to Philadelphia today to see her but she asked for no visitors except for Steve.  She had a difficult night without sleep and wanted this time to rest.  He is staying there tonight.  We are hoping she will be home tomorrow.   We will gladly provide whatever care she needs until she gets back on her feet.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Heading "home"

Greenville,  VA

We had a pleasant two day visit at Raccoon Valley RV Park, Heiskell, TN.  spending time with our great friend Judy.  This is her on the right.   We met Judy there three years ago and have caught her with her a couple of times since.

Also great to see were Linda and Joe who are again working as the camp managers.   We first saw Joe and Linda at our first time at the Livingston, TX Escapees Park in 2010.  Then at Raccoon Valley in TN, and at the Escapees Parks in Deming, TX and Congress, AZ.

This is Linda and Joe:

We left Tennessee this morning at 8:15 and arrived here at Stony Creek RV Resort in Greenville VA at 2:15 pm., putting 349 miles behind us.

We stayed at this Passport America park for two days back in 2010.   We notice that many sites are inhabited by what looks to be permanent residents.  We see that more and more as we travel.   I think it is due to the cost of owning a home, paying the taxes, etc.   People find it easier and cheaper to buy an RV and live in a campground.   This park has at least 50% more sites than when we were here before.   P/A cost for 30 amp electric and water is $18.50.   Did not feel we needed sewer for one night.  Gosh we didn't even unhook the truck.

We did not expect that we would have to share our site with another couple but we do.  They were here first.   Wonder what they paid.

Down by the lake was more family.

We took a short walk after dinner to check out the lake again.

After the ride here it was nice to stretch our legs a bit.

Tomorrow - Camp Driveway back in Upper Deerfield Twp, NJ.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Heels and surprise

Heiskell,    TN

The heels part:

One thing that Leonard always wears is his boots.   He had worn cowboy boots since age 12 he says.   He tends to wear the heels down.

This causes back pain, etc.    Do you know how few shoe repair places there are?    There is one back in NJ and the old Italian man who has it keeps talking of retiring.   Hope not!  We depend on him.    When we were in Louisiana we looked around to have his boots re-heeled.  (Is that a word?).    Cottons in Lake Charles was recommended.  Thus new heels:

 $20.00 for new heels is SOOOOOO much cheaper than new boots.

We spent this past weekend in Cullman, AL visiting with son Lenny and family.   Nice visit as always.   They always make sure to have some good Louisiana style food prepared.  This time is was sausage and chicken gumbo.    As our daughter-in-law eats no seafood we can be sure her gumbo will not contain shrimp.   Just as well.    Len has been warned that shrimp can give him a gout flare up.  

He had shrimp gumbo at a friends last week.  Then while on Saturday we went to the local Logans Roadhouse.   The special was 6 oz fillet and all the shrimp you could eat.    Three orders later and we could be sure a flare up was on the way.  Oh yea, by yesterday even new heels on the boots could not make him walk right.    After taking some meds for flare-ups, he is much better today.  Will he ever learn?

We left Cullman this morning at 8:30 (Central time) and landed at Raccoon Valley, an Escapees park, in Heiskell, TN at 3:30 (Eastern Time) this afternoon.    Our route from the south up to NJ takes us within miles of this park.  

The surprise part:

Back in 2010 we spent a month here shortly after first starting to full time.  We met a delightful lady named Judy Hughes and immediately hit it off.  Perhaps because she is from Baton Rouge.

We've caught up with each other several times in the last four years during our travels.   I had talked to Judy a few weeks ago and she told me she was back here again.  So the other night Len suggested we drop by.   We decided to surprise her.   And that we did.  How fortunate we got a site right next to her.   Tonight the three of us went to Ruby Tuesday for dinner.   Leonard only ate one shrimp.  

Let's see what tomorrow brings.   Another gout flare up?