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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Heading "home"

Greenville,  VA

We had a pleasant two day visit at Raccoon Valley RV Park, Heiskell, TN.  spending time with our great friend Judy.  This is her on the right.   We met Judy there three years ago and have caught her with her a couple of times since.

Also great to see were Linda and Joe who are again working as the camp managers.   We first saw Joe and Linda at our first time at the Livingston, TX Escapees Park in 2010.  Then at Raccoon Valley in TN, and at the Escapees Parks in Deming, TX and Congress, AZ.

This is Linda and Joe:

We left Tennessee this morning at 8:15 and arrived here at Stony Creek RV Resort in Greenville VA at 2:15 pm., putting 349 miles behind us.

We stayed at this Passport America park for two days back in 2010.   We notice that many sites are inhabited by what looks to be permanent residents.  We see that more and more as we travel.   I think it is due to the cost of owning a home, paying the taxes, etc.   People find it easier and cheaper to buy an RV and live in a campground.   This park has at least 50% more sites than when we were here before.   P/A cost for 30 amp electric and water is $18.50.   Did not feel we needed sewer for one night.  Gosh we didn't even unhook the truck.

We did not expect that we would have to share our site with another couple but we do.  They were here first.   Wonder what they paid.

Down by the lake was more family.

We took a short walk after dinner to check out the lake again.

After the ride here it was nice to stretch our legs a bit.

Tomorrow - Camp Driveway back in Upper Deerfield Twp, NJ.


Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

Travel safe:)

owensontheroad said...

We've noticed a lot of permanents now too. Even the upper class RV parks seem to welcome them. OK if they keep their site less 'lived' in.

Rick said...

Nice looking spot. Safe travlels back to NJ.

JO said...

Enjoy your time with family in NJ.
Len you better behave. :)
Safe Travels