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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Yard Sale Rescheduled

As Saturday is supposed to be nice, we will try one more time. This works better as Terri came over last night and priced her many items.

Today I received our November/December issue of Workamper News. I am delighted to see three ads in our local area. We have camped at two of the parks and know of the third. Two are in the Cape May, NJ area - Beachcomber and Holly Shores. The other is in Dorothy, NJ - Country Oaks. We have camped at Country Oaks and Holly Shores. Len and I agree we can commit to a three month job this summer back up here in NJ. I sent resumes to all three. Let's see what happens now.

Terri and I went through the house last night looking at everything. There is not much she wants left here. Len checked the cargo trailer we just purchased and it leaks! They said to bring it back and it will be fixed. Good thing we had a heavy rain before we started loading.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Yard Sale cancelled

Well with looking at weather predictions we are expecting heavy rain and wind tomorrow. So, yard sale will wait. Just as well. I still have lots of stuff to go through.

I took off work today - just because. I seldom take a day off but today I really needed a respite. My days there are long and boring. Some of my tasks have been reassigned. I am not busy unless there is a plant injury or a disciplinary action needs to be taken, neither of these are good things.

We are making some changes to our Fiver Pantry shelves. It is a pull out contraption of wire baskets hanging on a rack. The baskets hang off both sides of the rack and are only about as wide as a can of soup. We have found we can snip one side of each wire baskets bend the side down over and lay it over the other basket to make one wide basket. This will give a lot more storage capacity. Simple!

Amy just called and said she is off work today too -waiting for the furnace man. After done with him we will meet and I will bring Charlotte back here allowing Amy to paint in the new house again this weekend. Pop Pop will be thrilled.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Yard sale scheduled

Ahh.... I feel like we have one more thing off the list. Terri and I will have our yard sale this Saturday. Len and I have started to load items in our cargo trailer. Since we have very little traffic on our road, we go around the corner to our friend Kathy's. She has a hair dressing business at her house and is on a heavily traveled road.

We are also starting to "unload" our freezer. I have a habit of buying food every time I see a good sale. We almost have enough to keep us fed until we leave in February. So, now when I go to the grocery, I go with list in hand and buy only those items we NEED.

So much to do - but it will get done.

I did sign up last week for Social Security. I will see that first check on the 2nd Wednesday of February. YIPPEE!!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

In preparation - more money gone...

One more thing off our list. Last night we ordered a mattress for the RV. As anyone who has owned a RV knows, the mattresses that come with it leave a whole lot to be desired. RV mattresses are an old size. I never knew it but ours is called a Queen Short. Easy to understand - it is as wide as a standard Queen but not as long. We should be able to pick it up by the end of the month.

As I type this, Len is under the Fiver doing some maintenance work. We replaced our mid-size slide topper this week. Several months ago we replaced the smallest one. Fortunately the largest topper looks to be in good shape.

Terri and Steve brought another load of their belongings to the house last night. The "empty" bedroom is anything but.

We will not have Charlotte this weekend as Alice and Donna Emory (Scott's mom and sis) are going to their house to watch her as they work in the new house. This will be a great thing for Charlotte. Hopefully next weekend we will be able to load up the furniture we are giving Amy and Scott and take it down to them. They will also be using one of our bedroom sets in their guest room until needed again by us.

As soon as we can find a decent weekend, Terri and I will have our yard sale. Cold weather will set in soon.

Things are processing well as scheduled.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

One more item off the list

Yesterday we bought a cargo trailer that we will use to store tools, furniture, etc in while we are fulltiming. We pick it up Thursday and will probably take it to Amy and Scott on Saturday so they can use it to move the rest of their belongings to their new house.

Tonight we mowed the grass. With all the recent rain and sun it is unusally thick. As I was mowing I was thinking that there will not be many more times I will need to mow. Although, I really never minded doing that chore and the yard looks so nice with freshly cut grass.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Moving along

Our house is officially OFF THE MARKET. I spoke to our realtor today and told him we would not be renewing the contract. Terri sees her realtor over the weekend and her condo goes on the market. We all trust her condo will sell quickly.

Today I bought some small round stickers. I will ask Terri to go through the house and put a sticker on the items she wants left in the house when she moves in. There will be things that she will eventually keep and others Len and I will take when we settle in a stick and brick again. Still lots more that we will divest ourselves of.

This weekend we are going to Amy's. With so much changes in Charlotte's life right now, she is getting clingy when Amy or Scott leave her. This week was new daycare and she knows they are preparing to move into a new house as they are busy with a lot of disruptions. So Len and I will go down there tomorrow and stay the weekend while they work at the new house.

I also bought some "space bags" to store clothes, etc. Curious to see how well they work.