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September - NOMADS Annual Meeting, Branson, MO

Friday, October 24, 2008

Yard Sale cancelled

Well with looking at weather predictions we are expecting heavy rain and wind tomorrow. So, yard sale will wait. Just as well. I still have lots of stuff to go through.

I took off work today - just because. I seldom take a day off but today I really needed a respite. My days there are long and boring. Some of my tasks have been reassigned. I am not busy unless there is a plant injury or a disciplinary action needs to be taken, neither of these are good things.

We are making some changes to our Fiver Pantry shelves. It is a pull out contraption of wire baskets hanging on a rack. The baskets hang off both sides of the rack and are only about as wide as a can of soup. We have found we can snip one side of each wire baskets bend the side down over and lay it over the other basket to make one wide basket. This will give a lot more storage capacity. Simple!

Amy just called and said she is off work today too -waiting for the furnace man. After done with him we will meet and I will bring Charlotte back here allowing Amy to paint in the new house again this weekend. Pop Pop will be thrilled.

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