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Friday, October 17, 2008

In preparation - more money gone...

One more thing off our list. Last night we ordered a mattress for the RV. As anyone who has owned a RV knows, the mattresses that come with it leave a whole lot to be desired. RV mattresses are an old size. I never knew it but ours is called a Queen Short. Easy to understand - it is as wide as a standard Queen but not as long. We should be able to pick it up by the end of the month.

As I type this, Len is under the Fiver doing some maintenance work. We replaced our mid-size slide topper this week. Several months ago we replaced the smallest one. Fortunately the largest topper looks to be in good shape.

Terri and Steve brought another load of their belongings to the house last night. The "empty" bedroom is anything but.

We will not have Charlotte this weekend as Alice and Donna Emory (Scott's mom and sis) are going to their house to watch her as they work in the new house. This will be a great thing for Charlotte. Hopefully next weekend we will be able to load up the furniture we are giving Amy and Scott and take it down to them. They will also be using one of our bedroom sets in their guest room until needed again by us.

As soon as we can find a decent weekend, Terri and I will have our yard sale. Cold weather will set in soon.

Things are processing well as scheduled.

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Barb said...

Phyllis, because DH and I are both tall, we actually replaced our RV queen mattress with a regular queen mattress. DH extended the platform that the mattress sits on (the platform lifts and has storage space underneath. Anyway, it has worked out GREAT! We bought a Sleep Number mattress (because of my back). Granted, it is now a bit "squishy" getting around the end of the bed on one side because the bed is about 6-8" longer than the original.

Anyway, just a bit of "trivia" about our queen bed. (Yeah, isn't it weird that RV manufacturers make them "short"?? What's up with that?)

Barb (aka barbmoe, aka rving_gal)