January 20 to February 14, 2014 NOMADS Project, Mercedes, MS

February 15 (Approximately) to June - Gate Guarding, TX or LA.

June, 2014 - Up to Alaska!

September - NOMADS Annual Meeting, Branson, MO

Friday, August 30, 2013

NJ to IL

La Salle,  Illinois

Finally back on the road.   We left NJ late Monday afternoon headed to the NOMADS (www.nomadsumc.org) annual meeting to be held Winnebago County Fairgrounds in Pecotonica, IL starting on Sunday.

We only drove about an hour then over-nighted at a rest area on I95 near North East, MD.  We did this to get an early start so to miss the traffic on the beltway around Baltimore.   That we did, getting up at 3:00 am.

Tuesday was a long drive day.   563 miles!   We don't usually do that many and frankly really don't know why we did.   From I95 we picked up I70 then I68 through the hills on MD and PA through WV and into Ohio.

Right over the Ohio line into Indiana we stayed from Tuesday afternoon until Thursday at a nice Passport America campground in Richmond, Indiana.

Our site was huge.

However, the weather was dreadful.   The hottest I've been all summer.  Temps in low 90's and very humid.  We took one short walk so did not see much of the campground.   We were impressed with the activity hall, restrooms and laundry.

There was a sparkling clean pool and a neat miniature (putt-putt)  golf course, neither of which we used.

Moving on we made it into Illinois mid afternoon on Thursday.

Our home for the night.

Flying J in LaSalle and about 80 miles left to the meeting destination.  

We are thinking we should have topped of the truck with diesel back in Indiana where we would have paid $3.79.  Here at the Flying J with our discount card we paid $4.01.   From what we see this is typical in this area.    We did get a deal on our dinner.  No cooking for me on travel days!  So Denny's it was.  On Thursday it's 25% off for Seniors.  I'll take it!

It's 2:20 am. and I can't sleep.  The noise of the traffic on the Interstate doesn't bother me but the lights in the parking lot do.    Getting tired - thinking I'll try again.   Good night........

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Finally - a few minutes to Blog.

Upper Deerfield Twp, NJ

It's had been an exhausting non-stop 2 weeks or so.

Thursday before last we traded up our 2009 Montana for our 2012 Cedar Creek Fifthwheel

This is some of the stuff we took out of the Montana and stored in daughters garage. 

It still took hours at the dealer to move in more belongings.

A week and a half later there are still things in the garage.  We've not had time to move in entirely and this is why:

Two days after getting the rig we, along with my sister Debbie, drove up to Driftwood, PA to our family cabin which needed some repairs.

The first on the list was replacing the stove pipe.     The old pipe.

The new

Windows needed washing.   Debbie tackled that job.

Fan and light needed a good cleaning.  Leonard on that job.

I operated the camera.

There were old shades and "beyond just needing a wash" curtains on the windows. 

 They are replaced with mini blinds and new curtains.

My brother had replaced some kitchen cabinets a month of so ago.  That along with matching kitchen chairs makes a difference in our kitchen.

This part of Pennsylvania is known as Elk Country.   A young one standing in a neighbors yard.

We were back in NJ just a few days when we picked up the granddaughters for 8 days, some of the time camping.

However, first it was another trip to the ER with Leonard.  This time it was gout in the ankle.   He's been suffering with gout in the toes but this is the first time the ankle was affected.  For three days before agreeing to have it checked out he could hardly walk on it. Finally last Sunday he could stand it no longer.   All's okay now.  For now.

We were due to leave for camping on Monday but went Tuesday instead giving Leonard a day to recoup.

 What a nice campground.  Turtle Run in Wading River, NJ.   Even while there Leonard was working on some modifications to our new rig.

While the girls rested and watched some TV.

I operated the camera.

One day we drove to Margate, NJ (about 20 miles from the campground) to see Lucy.

As a child I can remember when Lucy sat on the beach in the sand.  Over the years she became in disrepair.  In 1970 funds were raised to restore her and she was moved to her current location.

In Lucy's belly.

Looking out at the Atlantic Ocean from atop of Lucy.

A walk on the beach

On the drive home near the town of New Gretna we were treated to both ends of the rainbow.

And I operated the camera.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Lots to blog about with poor Verizon signal or just too dang busy.

Turtle Run Campground
Wading River, NJ

Lots of stuff to write about but either much too busy or like now with a very weak Verizon signal.  We will be leaving this campground tomorrow morning.  

Will be taking granddaughters home later Saturday then on Sunday it's church and a family wedding.

We have just Monday and Tuesday to get lots of stuff in order with final packing and arranging of the new rig before heading out on the road Wednesday.

Hoping I will be able to post a blog on Monday which will include pictures of the things that have kept us busy:

1.    Trading in the 2009 Montana on a 2014 Cedar Creek Fiver
2.    Spending a weekend at our cabin in north central Pa doing some much needed repair work
3.    Our week here at Turtle Run with the granddaughters.

In the meantime, have a great weekend all!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Moving from Montana to Cedar Creek

Upper Deerfield Twp, NJ

Our first RV was a 1989 Class A Motorhome.  Just to see if we liked RVing.   Enough said!

We kept it for two years.   Since Leonard NEEDS a truck and can't live without one, we decided to try out a fifthwheel.  So in 2007 we bought a used 2002 Cedar Creek.  It suited our needs for weekend and vacation camping but we knew it was not suitable for full timing.   There was little counter space, the under storage (basement) was not heated, and there was cold air drifting in the larger slide when the winds blew.  In the last 12 years that have been so many improvements in the insulation of RV's.

So in 2009 we purchased a 2009 Montana.   We lived in it one year before retiring and hitting the road.    We have no complaints about this Montana.   But as full timers we have become frustrated having only a RV size fridge.   In addition to having to make ice cubes and not having an ice maker.  How primitive!    And as with any RV that is almost 5 years old, there are some irritations such as screws working lose and other minor issues.

So in the last few months we have mulled over getting an upgrade.   When in Lousiana some months ago we looked at a couple of Redwoods.  They were nice but we were not sure that is what we wanted.

Well yesterday I was bored watching Leonard play Spider Solitaire on the computer from the time he got up until he went to bed except taking meal breaks. AGAIN!   So I suggested we take a ride over to the dealer where we bought the 2002 Cedar Creek.   I had been online and saw they had a Heartland that looked interesting.  

We didn't like that Heartland but sitting next to it was this:

So "for fun" we told each other we would talk to the dealer and "just for fun" see what it cost and what we could get for a trade-in on the Montana.   We made it clear to each other, we were not buying.    We take possession next Thursday.

Lots of storage in the basement and a much larger storage compartment than the Montana in the front.

One thing we HATED about the Montana was the size of the front closet.  So narrow than we had to adjust hangers at an angle to close the doors.   No problem here.

We can actually walk in the closet.   Not seen in this picture are shelves and storage compartments for shoes, etc.    Laying on the floor are two folding chairs.  We like this idea since usually there is just the two of us so why have four chairs around the table, getting in the way.    

Another shot of the bedroom.   That is the linen closet with shelves and two laundry bags hanging from racks under the shelves.

Of yea, a King Size bed.  Just bought some sheets - not cheap are they!

This is the kitchen.   I especially love the "Hoosier Cabinet" at the far end.

One thing the Montana has is lots of storage.   No sure if this Cedar Creek has as much.  Truthfully we have not seen any RV that has the kitchen storage the Montana 3544SA has.   But this Cedar Creek seems amble.

The Living room.    Lots of large windows letting in lots of light.

Entertainment center with TV that stores behind the fireplace.   We had this type set up in the Montana also.

The bathroom:


What we lose:    A dedicated Computer desk, maybe some kitchen storage, some funds from our savings ( a lot less than what we expected!!)

What we gain:    A REAL residential size refrigerator with an ice maker, a larger shower, a self leveling system, a sofa bed with a real mattress instead of the air mattress we had to inflate when the granddaughters stayed over, an inboard water filration system, LED lights with lifetime warranty, vinyl storm doors that are easily removed, a GOOD mattress (not a cheap RV type), a sutiable clothes closet and so much more.

Tomorrow we head to our famlity cabin in north central Pa to do some repair work.  We get back on Tuesday.  Wednesday we will spend time doing some minor repairs on the Montana, removing everything we can and giving it a good cleaning.  Then Thursday its a brand new home.  

The next week we take the granddaughters camping for 6 days.   Fun times ahead.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Nice enough to get out for a walk

Upper Deerfield Twp,  NJ

About 5 miles from my old house (now my daughters) where we are at Camp Driveway for another 2 weeks is:


The park recently reopened following a tragedy that happened there last June.    A fierce thunderstorm with high winds came through this area.   Many people were tent camping in the park.  A tree fell on one tent killing two young boys ages 2 and 7.   So many trees were down in the park rescue vehicles could not get through for a length of time nor campers get out. 

On our walk today we saw many piles of tree trunks and some huge uprooted trees still in place.

There are several hiking trails of varying distances throughout the park.  Along the trails are informational signage.

The trails are cleared with directional signs at each cross way.

A stand of tall cedar trees:

Looking across the lake to the beach area.



There are 56 tent and RV Sites (no hookups) at a cost of $20.00 night.  There is a dump station.

Also meeting pavilions

Bath houses:

And 16 cabins with showers, fireplaces, stove, simple furniture and bunk beds.

We do need to get out for a hike more often and take advantage of this gem.