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September - NOMADS Annual Meeting, Branson, MO

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Moving along

Our house is officially OFF THE MARKET. I spoke to our realtor today and told him we would not be renewing the contract. Terri sees her realtor over the weekend and her condo goes on the market. We all trust her condo will sell quickly.

Today I bought some small round stickers. I will ask Terri to go through the house and put a sticker on the items she wants left in the house when she moves in. There will be things that she will eventually keep and others Len and I will take when we settle in a stick and brick again. Still lots more that we will divest ourselves of.

This weekend we are going to Amy's. With so much changes in Charlotte's life right now, she is getting clingy when Amy or Scott leave her. This week was new daycare and she knows they are preparing to move into a new house as they are busy with a lot of disruptions. So Len and I will go down there tomorrow and stay the weekend while they work at the new house.

I also bought some "space bags" to store clothes, etc. Curious to see how well they work.

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