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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

July 8, 2008

In May 2006 camped for a week in Charlottesville, Va. We met a couple who were workamping and fulltimers. Being new to Rving we had never heard of people actually living in an RV. WE WERE HORRIFIED! You mean people actually roamed the country and had no "home"??

We continued RVing through that summer. By September we were hooked. We decided that we would become fulltimers when Leonard turned 62 in January 2011. Yea, that was our plan.

However, the next Spring we had a 48 year old mechanic at the plant where I worked come to work and 15 minutes later was dead of a heart attack. One week later a supervisor died of cancer at 52. Me, being, 5 years older than Leonard did not want to work until age 67. So, we crunched the numbers and decided to start fulltiming in 2009, a full two years earlier than original

What have we done so far? Sold our 1988 motorhome, bought a 2002 38" Cedar Creek Fifthwheel trailer, participated in two yard sales, sold our horses and horse trailer, sold our rototiller and weed whacker, gave away lots of stuff and put the house on the market.

Okay- that brings us to today. Our goal to head on out is only 207 days away. Everything is contingent on selling this house. We will see....

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