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Monday, November 10, 2008

They are finally moved...Now we have lots to do.

Amy and Scott are finally into their new home in White Hall, MD. The final move was accomplished on Saturday. We went down to assist where we could.

Their old house had lots of steps -steps to get to the house, steps in the house. Their new house has lots of steps. Steps to the front porch to get in and steps to the basement, steps to the bedrooms, steps to the loft.

After several hours of Len walking up and down steps, he was afraid he tore another minuscus. So we came home and brought Charlotte with us for the night, leaving Scott and Amy to finish. Len woke Sunday feeling fine. Amy says Scott knees were bothering him too by Sunday.

Next step in preparation to fulltime - I am going to get my office here in the house cleaned out. We have promised the book shelves to friends. Also I am making a binder of our investments, bank accounts, etc to give to Amy "just in case". My goal is to get this done within two weeks. We also need to update our wills. That also is on the "get done real soon list".

Then I need to start looking at health insurance options for Len and a Medicare supplemental policy for me. Our health insurance through NJ Department of Corrections ends first week in March.

Tomorrow we have a job interview for Workamping at Beachcomber RV park in Cape May. We would like for it to be for three months late in the summer. We will see.

Lots to do. Time is catching up with us.

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