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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A great day was had but also sadness with it

What a yard party. We estimate about 175 people attended. Future son-in-law coordinated two separate bands composed of members of several bands. WOW were they good.

The weather was perfect. Remants of hurricane Hanna blew through on Saturday giving us a windy wet day but Sunday opened clear, breezy and warm.

And the food - most people contributed their efforts and it was much appreciated. Daughter Amy and her Scott took over on the grill. Daughter Terri kept things moving. The real steal of the day was Charlotte in the party dress. She had a blast dancing, running, playing and even talking out over the mic saying "thank you people, thank you people". I laughed til I cried.

So now that's over - time to think about Scotland. I 've started going through my warerobe. Weather there will be in 50's and 60's. Perfect!

Tonight and tomorrow will be sad days. A dear, fine, lady from church at only 50 had a brain aneurysm and died on Friday. There is not a person I know who ever said a bad word about Karen Johnson. Tonight is the viewing, tomorrow her funeral. Oh, this is going to be difficult. Our church family is in shock. She will be missed.

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