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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

And yesterday things changed

Two weeks ago Len had a biopsy of a spot on his scalp. He told me this was a sore that was just not healing and he had it for about a year. A YEAR!! I insisted he see our doctor. She sent him to a dermatologist. The dermtoloist told him it is probably cancer.

Yesterday I went with him to get the results. It was inconclusive but we were told they really believe it is cancer. She took more skin to be sent out for biopsy. We go back in two weeks for results. If cancerous, he needs it removed surgically and the surgeon is backlogged two months. I told Len today to call our family doctor. This is unacceptable to wait two and a half months to remove a cancer growth.

Nevertheless, today we told our employers to cancel our retirement date once again. We are frustrated, scared and disappointed. But most of all, we need Len to be well. At the earliest, provided he is fine, we now can't leave until the first of the year.

I was to have sold my car today. Thank the Lord, we found this out before the transaction was made. We will try to look on the bright side. Hopefully Terri and Steve will get a mortgage before we take off and the Fiver will be paid for. Also, gives us more time to invest in our 401k's and less time we will need to draw down from our Roth IRA's until Len is 62 in January 2011.

That is all we can do - look for a silver lining and pray.


SueG said...

Phyllis - I am praying for you and Len! SueG

njb4597 said...

Phyllis - So sorry to hear that, thoughts and prayers are with you and Len. Hugs! Nancy