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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

And now we are ....

Making our life as best we can.

It has been some time since posting. Life throws some bad curves. As time got close to our plan to fulltime, I saw a change in Leonard. After much heartbreak and anger the bottom line is that he was scared to quit his job at this time and go on the road. We are back together but still dealing with the ramifications of his fear and how he mishandled it. Had he talked to me, we could have worked through this issue together.

We have purchased a 2009 Montana fifthwheel and are still planning to travel "someday". We are living fulltime in our rig. Len works fulltime, I work two days a week. Unbelieveably, we both are content living here for now.

But, there are sad family issues that cause pain and regrets. We don't always know how our actions affect others. I pray these issues will be resolved.

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