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Sunday, July 10, 2011

It's an annual thing

Upper Deerfield Twp,  NJ

For the past three years we have taken granddaughter Charlotte to Storybook Land in Cardiff, NJ.

I remember well taking my own girls there when they were little ones.   We also would take our grandson Justin, who is now almost 24.    So  -  I suppose this has become a family tradition of sorts.

This year we also took Charlotte's little sister, Abby and our great-niece Siani.    What a great idea to take Siani as she took the girls on some of the rides while Leonard and I sat and watched.

Charlotte has become afraid of some of the rides.  However, Abby usually has no fear.   This one was the exception.  See her holding on tight to Pop Pop.

When asked if she watned to go on it again, her answer was a resounding NO.  Her sister didn't even give it a try.   Instead she looked at the Snow White and Seven Drawfs animated scene.   And had me take her picture as Doopy.

A favoite Mother Goose character is Little Bo Peep and her sheep.  There is one of her sheep, begging to be fed.

If you are ever in the Atlantic City area and have grandkids with you, make a side trip to Storybook Land.   This small  park is ideal for the little ones, up to about 10 or so.    The rides are geared to them, making some of them a tight fit for us more mature folks, in age and body.

Welcome to our newest follower Pidge!   So good to "meet" you,

On a side note, I downloaded Google Chrome yesterday and I still can not post on blogs that do not have the option of Anonymous posters.  If you are one of these, that does not mean I don't check in on you, I just can't comment.


Laurie and George said...

So sorry you're having so much problem posting. Can't imagine what the issue is. FYI - I use Mozilla and have never (knock on wood) had a problem :)

Donna K said...

Storybook Land looks like fun for the little ones. We have something similar here in Oregon called Enchanted Forest. We have visited that park many times with kids and grandkids...wonderful memories.

JOJO said...

How sad that I grew up in NJ and have never been there or to Atlantic City. We spent most of our summers in Sea Side Hieghts or Asbury Park when it was still beautiful.
But looks like you all had a great time.