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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Laurie and George!!!!

Hanover,  PA

We are still camped at Codorus State Park near Hanover,  PA.  A view of the lake:

The time here has been a treat for us.     Today was no exception.  We were visited by Laurie King and George Owens of   www.owensontheroad.blogspot.com.     I (Phyllis) have been following their blog for some time as they prepare to retire, buy a fifth wheel and start their fulltiming adventure.  Likewise, they follows ours.

Laurie and George hope to be on the road in about a year.    If you are one of their blog followers, you know that George recently was offered an early retirement and jumped on it.  Who wouldn't!

Laurie is still working.   It is such a small world.  She is the President for a water bottling company and mentioned one of their clients was a company in the town where Leonard and I lived in NJ.    The company has since sold the vendor part of the business and now only has water and coffee service.  When they were in full operation, the coffee/water rep. was our son-in-law Steve.  She remembers him.

Laurie and George live up in Wilkes Barre, Pa, a three hour drive from Hanover.  How great is that, that they were up on driving this distance to meet.   They have decided their rig will be a Montana and they were anxious to see ours and seek out our opinion and experiences with the manufacturer Keystone and the quality of a Montana.    We certainly do recommend this brand.

They were so nice as to take us to lunch at a nearby Pub that Laurie had researched online.   All too soon it was time for them to get on the road back to Wilkes Barre.    We do hope to keep in touch via our blogs and other RV sites we both frequent.    And maybe, just maybe we will meet again down the road.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Since we left NJ.

 Hanover, PA

We left NJ on Tuesday to spend 6 days at Codorus State Park, near Hanover, Pa..  I had been working on a jigsaw puzzle for days and managed to complete it prior to pulling out.

Right before leaving the house that once was ours, I took a picture of my favorite flowers.  These are what we know as Secret Lilies.   Long leaves pop through the ground early Spring only to die away completely.  Then this time of year these lovely flowers come into bloom.

The drive to Hanover is mostly the same route we take when going to daughter Amy's in White Hall, MD.  Over the Delaware Memorial Bridge, down I95 to Exit 93 and through Port Deposit, MD.  Port Deposit sits next to the Susquehanna River.  The main street through town is narrow.  Behind the homes on the south lies the river, behind to homes on the north side of the road are steep hills with granite terraces.  

At the end of Susquehanna River road we pick up Route 1 and turn left over the Conawingo Dam.   One part of the road over the dam is really narrow.  We always hope we don't meet a tractor-trailer or another RV coming our direction.

A stop for a coffee at our favorite convenience store.   In our travels NO convenience store makes coffee like this one!

Our next stop was at the parking lot of the elementary school in Jarrettsville, MD.  Amy often takes the girls to the playground there.  We have done the same.   We got there a short time before Amy and the girls arrived with the Sno-cones in hand.    We transferred the girls "stuff" into our truck and headed to the campground.

We spent most of the rest of Tuesday just getting settled.  

On Wednesday we went to the to grocery store, then had our hot dog roast on the campfire.

Charlotte took some pictures.   Of her sister Abby:

Of herself:

Later in the evening we found the camp playground.  What fun the girls had there.

Thursday was Charlotte's 5th birthday.   We arrived at their house right after 5 pm.   Amy had been busy the two days the girls were with us, painting and decorating.  Charlotte checking out  her newly redecorated room

After her favorite meal of spaghetti and meat sauce, it was time for cake and ice cream!

Abby really likes the chocolate cake.

After cake and ice cream, time to open the presents.    A favorite was LOTS and LOTS of school supplies from Aunt T and Uncle Steve.

After spending some fun time with the family, it was time to head back to the campground for some well deserved rest and relaxation.   On a sad note, we probably won't see these sweeties again until mid November.   For a few moments there were tears from this Grandmom.

Monday, July 25, 2011

New chairs similar to old chairs.

Bridgeton,  NJ

First, welcome to our newest follower Raymond.  Good to meet you here.

We arrived back here at daughter Terri and son-in-law Steve's house in NJ on Friday from our almost two weeks in Gettysburg.  When we left there it was in the high 90's and about 100 when we (or should I be honest and say Leonard ) were getting set up for our 4 days back in this area.

Back on Thursday we drove under to MD from Gettysburg to Amy's house to deliver our two recliners that came with our Montana.

They will be keeping one and gave to other one to their tenant who lives in the small house on their property.

We like these chairs as they reclined, rocked and swiveled.   However, we did not like that they had to be at least 18 inches from the wall to recline fully.   I never recline that far but Leonard loves to take naps in the full reclining positon.

So about 6 weeks ago we ordered new chairs from Boscovs, a local department store.   They arrived while we were in Gettysburg.  Once we (Leonard) got set up, we went to Boscovs and picked them up.

They were easy to bring into the rig since they are Lazy Boys and the back ends are removable.   When shopping for new chairs we found these that are the same size as the original ones.  The fabric is different but the brown color is just a little different from the old chairs.  When you look closely you will see some black running through it.    I wanted to keep with the brown as that is the predominant color scheme in the rig.

Oh yea, they will do.  This is son in law Steve and Leonard trying them out.

We do have more floor space now. I miss the rocking feature but I can live with these to have the additional space.

We did not do much of anything on Saturday.   Terri made pulled chicken and a peach cobbler.  I did my part by going to the store for potato, broccoli, and macaroni salads.    It was just TOOOO hot to move.

On Sunday we attended our church.  Then in the afternoon we met our friends Clare and Tom for dinner midway between their house and Terri's for dinner at one on our favorite dinners - Peters Diner in Williamstown,  NJ.

Peters dinners come with soup AND salad and some great rolls and breads.   Not a cup of soup, but a bowl of soup.  Not a small side salad, but a huge salad of mixed greens, carrots, onion, tomatoes and cucumbers.    The meal portions of large also.  As usual, we eat the soup, salad and bread and bring the dinner home for the next night.   (Dinner is cooked for tonight - yippee).

I put our camera in Len's pocket because I planned to take a picture of Tom and Clare but forgot about it until they were pulling out of the parking lot.   I do that too often.    This time we were just too busy catching up for me (Or Len) to remember the camera.

Today it is getting the propane tanks filled, catching up on laundry, grocery shopping and going to the bank.   Tomorrow it is off to Cororus State Park near Hanover PA for a 6 day stay.  We are looking forward to Saturday.  We will be visited by Laura and George of www.owensontheroad.blogspot.com.
Check them out.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Battlefield and beyond

Gettysburg,   Pa

Most historians agree that the Battle of Gettysburg was the turning point of the Civil War.  Gen Meade's Army of the Potomac successfully turned back Gen. Lee's Army of Northern Virginia, ending Lee's invasion of the North.    The battle raged from July 1 to July 3, 1863.

On July 2 and 3 a battle was fought at Little Round Top.

The Union army was holding their position but saw advances from the South.   The battle was finally won by the north when the 45th New York joined the battle.   As this area was rocky, the north make fortifications from the natural rock formations, many of them still in place today.

Their are more than 1,340 monuments throughout the park.  

 This Pennsylvania monument towers over many smaller ones and can be seen from several directions.

On the Confederate line is the impressive monument to Gen. Rbt. E. Lee.  The base of the monument is in recognition of several trades such as farming, carpentry, etc.

One building still shows the scars of its contact with a cannonball.  If you look closely you can see it below the two diamond insets.

When the girls were with us over the weekend, we climbed this 80 step tower to view the surrounding countryside.   We were delighted that both Charlotte and Abby climbed each step up and down, especially since Abby just turned two last month.  Quite a feat for such short legs.  And not one complaint.

In November  1863 President Lincoln dedicated the Gettysburg National Cemetery with a short speech that is recognized as one of the most poignant in this country's history.

Gettysburg Town Square

Our time is ending here at Gettysburg as we pull out on Friday.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Fun times with Granddaughters

Gettysburg,  PA

On Tuesday we took a ride to the outskirts of Gettysburg to Adams County Winery.  We remember this winery from our last visit to the area.   After sampling a few, we picked out two we enjoy - one red, one white.  Leonard says the red wine reminds him of wild muscadine grapes that he used to pick and eat in Louisiana.

On Wednesday we drove the 59 miles from Gettysburg to daughter Amy's house over in White Hall, MD.  After having dinner with the family, we brought Charlotte back to the campsite with us.

Thursday we were a little disappointed.  We had told Charlotte we were taking her to the Boyds Bear store.  We rode around and around and could not find it.  We had been there twice before.   So, I called daughter Terri who was at work.  I had her search on her computer.  The store closed January 1, 2011!   What a surprise.  When we had been there it was always crowded and seemed to have a good business.   I need to remember to Google it and get the scoop.

After dinner we drove over to the camp playground.

Shortly afterward, a group of riders came back to the stables from their ride through the battlefield.

On Friday Abby had her two-year old doctors appointment.  We had made arrangements to meet Amy and Abby over in Hanover after the appointment to bring Abby back to the campground until Sunday.

This is Charlotte on the lookout.

In the afternoon we all took a dip in the pool.  In the evening it was back to the playground.

Today we got up early and took a walk around the campground.   The girls got to pet lots of dogs also out taking their owners for a walk.

Then we went to The Land of Little Horses, right outside Gettysburg.

The big attraction was the resident donkey who appears to have free run of the place.

Charlotte volunteered and was part of the act in the Arena.  She assisted in leading one of the horses around to meet the crowd.

It was a busy morning and all was exhausted.    Abby fell asleep in the truck on the short drive back to the campground and took her one hour nap.  Charlotte is napping now.  

Here is wishing each of you a great weekend with mild weather.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Back to Gettysburg

Gettysburg, PA

One of our first camping trips when we got our first RV was to Gettysburg, PA about 7 or 8 years ago.  We don't remember!   At that time we stayed at Artillery Ridge Campground, where we are staying again.

This is a Passport America campground that also gives a 10% discount to Good Sam members and 50% off to Escapees members.   The literature says the 50% discount is not in effect for Friday and Saturday.  We are  staying 11 days which includes one weekend.  They gave us the 50% discount for the entire stay.  Yippee! We seem to remember they did the same when we stayed here years ago.   I suspect they only maintain the weekend full price policy when people stay only for the weekend.

This campground is only about a mile from Gettysburg National Park.   One of it's draws is they have horseback tours of the battlefield.  We did this when we were here before.    The campground is larger than we remember it.   There are a lot more stables and pastures.   We pass several on the way of our site.

We are way at the back of the campground with very few other rigs in the area.   That is fine with us.   But we realize all this will change come the weekend.  That is our rig on the left.

For the next two days we are just going to relax.   When we arrived yesterday after only a 155 mile trip, we were exhausted due to the 98 degree temp and high humidity, so went out for dinner at the local Perkins.  

I love the settings of Gettysburg and the nearby towns of Abbottsville and New Oxford.   Route 30 (Lincoln Highway) passes through the town squares of these towns which are lined by old buildings such as hotels, restaurants, shops, etc.  This is the Gettysburg hotel.  

I got up early this morning and had my coffee outside under the awning before the heat set in.   Leonard joined me about 1/2 hour later.  Ah - this is a fine life!

Oh yes, welcome to Judy from Travels with Judy and Emma.    Good to see you here as our 70th follower.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

It's an annual thing

Upper Deerfield Twp,  NJ

For the past three years we have taken granddaughter Charlotte to Storybook Land in Cardiff, NJ.

I remember well taking my own girls there when they were little ones.   We also would take our grandson Justin, who is now almost 24.    So  -  I suppose this has become a family tradition of sorts.

This year we also took Charlotte's little sister, Abby and our great-niece Siani.    What a great idea to take Siani as she took the girls on some of the rides while Leonard and I sat and watched.

Charlotte has become afraid of some of the rides.  However, Abby usually has no fear.   This one was the exception.  See her holding on tight to Pop Pop.

When asked if she watned to go on it again, her answer was a resounding NO.  Her sister didn't even give it a try.   Instead she looked at the Snow White and Seven Drawfs animated scene.   And had me take her picture as Doopy.

A favoite Mother Goose character is Little Bo Peep and her sheep.  There is one of her sheep, begging to be fed.

If you are ever in the Atlantic City area and have grandkids with you, make a side trip to Storybook Land.   This small  park is ideal for the little ones, up to about 10 or so.    The rides are geared to them, making some of them a tight fit for us more mature folks, in age and body.

Welcome to our newest follower Pidge!   So good to "meet" you,

On a side note, I downloaded Google Chrome yesterday and I still can not post on blogs that do not have the option of Anonymous posters.  If you are one of these, that does not mean I don't check in on you, I just can't comment.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

If you don't see a comment

Upper Deerfield Twp,  NJ

To fellow Bloggers - just because I do not comment on your blog, does not mean I don't read them.  I read several a day.     Blogger will let me leave comments on some.  On some will only let me leave comments under Anonymous.   And it some cases, I can not leave a comment regardless of what I do.   It puts me though a series of loops where I have to sign into Google over and over again, never getting anywhere.

I know, lots of us are having the same issue.     Some day they might fix this problem?  I just don't know.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Singing and dancing on the 4th

Upper Deerfield Twp, NJ

Even in hot and humid weather such as we felt today, the Fourth of July Celebration goes on.

Son-in-law Steve sings with the Sherry Lynn Band.  Sherry is the star of the act, but Steve is the featured male singer.   Today they performed along the river in nearby Millville, NJ.

Steve's turn at the mic.

Always the line dancers.  That is daughter Terri in the green.  I joined in for one dance - sorry too hot for this old lady.

After two shows, it was back to the house.   Lots and lots of good food and good times.

Later in the evening Steve entertained their friends,

while his friend Ron (a fulltime Rver) took on the dirty dishes.

It is now 10:45.  I can see people are still over in the house. (we are "camped" in their side yard).  Sorry, too late for these old folks.   Time to jump in the shower and call it a night.

I hope each of you had a great 4th and always remember the real reason for the celebration.