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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Last weekend

Moss Point, MS

We've been really busy the last few days here in Moss Point working on a house rehab.  I've not had much time to check blogs or even check emails.    Today I am taking the morning off because of either a head/chest cold or inhaling cement dust.   Either way I am feeling lousy.   One morning of rest should help.

So this morning I am posting about our weekend up in Cullman, AL to see son Lennie, DIL Tammy and granddaughters Morgan and Maddie and great-grandson Jordan.

We left Moss Point on Friday for the 355 mile drive.    Last year when tornadoes were hitting the south, Cullman got hit in a few areas.   It was amazing to see the destruction for about 1/4 mile stretches then no damage at all.   At that time we drove through 3 or 4 areas of destruction.    These are pictures of how one area looks now, almost a year later.

We took Maddie shopping on Saturday morning so she could pick out a gift for Valentines day.   

She wanted a stuffed animal.   After a lot of deliberation she choose a dog that looks to be a cross between a Lab and a "wienie dog".

Later we took the family out for dinner.  Maddie wanted to go to Ryans.   What an excellent choice as we arrived about five minutes to 4 so paid the lunch price and got the dinner buffet.  YIPPEE!

We left about 11 on Sunday for the long drive back and another week of work. 

We are about through the house where we are mostly working on the outside.   Yesterday we worked on finishing up the trim and removing a rotted out deck.

On Monday it's back to the house with roof leaks and mold.    But first - a three day weekend.


Donna K said...

I'm always amazed at how a tornado can weave such a path of destruction, yet leave some house untouched. I feel bad for those whose homes were damaged or destroyed.

Your little Maddie is so precious. It's always great to visit with family.

Paul and Marsha Weaver...OCT. 17, 2009 said...

What a doll Maddie is! Glad you had a wonderful visit.
The house looks awesome. Your group did a great job. I am sure the family is thrilled.

Nan said...

Maddie seems to rule you guys. Just can't imagine a grand doing that. HA!

Donna W. said...

Yep Maddie's a doll.
Now for some nagging.....use masks that cement dust, the mold etc is not good for you. plus if you breathe too much of that cement dust and it mixes with the water in your body it will make you weigh more ! (just kdding)
Great what you and Len do for so many, but cant make yourself sick doing it.
Ok, now I'll get off my soap box.

Laurie and George said...

Ditto what Donna said. I know with the flood, the mold in the house makes my lungs hurt, even with a mask. Be careful :) You guys are doing great work!

Elaine said...

wow what damage a tornado can leave behind..scary to say the least...maddie is a doll..glad you had a great visit...bless you for the help you provide others repairing damage...

JOJO said...

The destruction is so sad and can't even beging to know how terrifing that must be to live through.
The house you are working on looks great. Good job.

Grand children are so so cute. I guess the baby would be great grand. Don't the know we arent old enough for that yet?

Rick Doyle said...

Great pics of the grandchildren.

Wow! That tornado sure destroyed a lot of homes.