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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Cleaning and Cane

Upper Deerfield Twp,  NJ

While at "Camp Driveway" here in NJ we decided this would be a good time to clean our carpets in the Montana.   (When I say WE, I mean Leonard).  First a good vacuuming:

Notice the dirty area where the slide retracts.


We have this situation in several places.    After shampooing the carpet most of it is gone.

However, how do we stop the slides from leaving the dirt and grime in the first place.  Suggestions?

A few years before we started full timing a stray cat arrived to live around the house.  We called her Boots.  She would run off it we tried to touch her but she was always under our feet demanding breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks.   When our daughter bought the house Boots became part of the deal .   She then had a name change to Miss Kitty.  Maybe the new name helped.  She now allows a few select people to lightly pet her.

Her best friend in the world has become Cane, the resident dog.

Miss Kitty comes up our steps when hungry.  Cane comes up our steps every time she is allowed outside.

She is always welcome to come for a visit.  Miss Kitty, however, chooses not to visit inside.

When we were at Ives Run COE in Tioga, PA a few months ago , we noticed a neat looking light pole made of PVC pipe at the site next to us.   Leonard, always looking for a project, decided to build one.   

A name sign will be hung on it when the poly dries.  Last night he bought timer for the lantern and set it for 5:30 pm.  Oops, it didn't come on as we expected.  But we did notice when we got up this morning it was lit.  Could it be 5:30 am???


owensontheroad said...

Hmm, now you got me thinking about our carpets. Probably something to do when we're sitting for awhile :)

Travels with Emma said...

Seems like Leonard is a good guy to have around! :)

where's weaver said...

The lamppost looks great.

Our one slide does the same thing. If you find a solution please pass it along.

Miss Kitty is a cutie.

George said...

They are called slide slickers..They workhttp://store.rvdirect.com/rvdirect/details.php?ITEM=4410051 If the link doesn't work just Google it.

Kenny And Angela's Adventure said...

Tell Leonard to stop he is making me look bad!!! and I don't need any help doing that..lol

Anonymous said...

We have a barn kitty that would let anyone touch her either. Started feeding her canned cat food along with her dry food, now she can't love us enough. Purrs up a storm, rubs our legs, and sits in our laps, lol.

BTW, you might want to change the travel schedule to 2013...or not.

Cat Lady (Judy)

Donna K said...

That is sure a beautiful dog. We got adopted by a cat several years ago too. She's kind of a pain but she chose to live here and I fed her so I guess the deal is done!!

JO said...

I had what looked like rust on my carpet and it may well be as I looked under the slide it kind of lined up with the gears. Some of it came up, I will see what happends when I go back in April.

Rick said...

Great story about the cat and the dog.

I don't have any solution for the slider issue but what the heck, Len does a terrific job of cleaning up, so what's the problem?

Anonymous said...

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