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Friday, December 21, 2012

So glad we did this...

Upper Deerfield Twp,  NJ

Like so many families we lose touch with relatives who might even live nearby.  As we mature we find our own lives and make our "grown up" families.    Such is the case of my relationship with my cousins.

My mother was the only child of her mother.  However she did have two half sisters.  I have remained in touch with these cousins.    There are only two who still live in NJ.   Two weeks ago we had dinner with one of them.    The other three, who are siblings, are scattered.  One in Kentucky, one in Oklahoma and one in Arizona.   I've caught up with two while traveling and hope to one day soon see the one in Kentucky.

My father had one brother and three sisters.   I've not seen the one surviving son of Dad's brother in many years.   One of Dad's sisters had no children.  One had two children and the other had three sons.   The one I've kept to touch with since Mom's passing last year is Mae. 

Mae turns 82 today.   She and my mother were close and talked frequently.  I now call her every few weeks to catch up.  

Kenny was my favorite cousin growing up.    Both of his older brothers have passed.  

When we returned to NJ for these two months Leonard and I visited with Mae.  I asked her about Kenny and told her I would love that we got together for lunch or dinner.     Instead of going out to eat, Kenny's wife Margie invited us to lunch.

I asked if I could invite my brother, sister-in-law and sister.   Unfortunately my sister could not make it.  

Want a lovely time we had yesterday.   My brother really did not know Mae well and this gave him an opportunity to get to know her.   Kenny's one brother, Louie's daughter Sandy was there.  I had not seen her since she was a small child.    Also there was one of Kenny's daughters Kim.   I've seen her over the years but really never spent much time with her.  

Kneeling in the front is Kim.  The child is Sandy's granddaughter.  Standing from the left is me, Kenny, Leonard, Mae, Sandy, my sister-in-law Nora, my brother Norman and Margie.  

The small reunion is one of the very best Christmas presents I could get.   We all so much appreciate Margie's hospitality and this opportunity to see people we love.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Cleaning and Cane

Upper Deerfield Twp,  NJ

While at "Camp Driveway" here in NJ we decided this would be a good time to clean our carpets in the Montana.   (When I say WE, I mean Leonard).  First a good vacuuming:

Notice the dirty area where the slide retracts.


We have this situation in several places.    After shampooing the carpet most of it is gone.

However, how do we stop the slides from leaving the dirt and grime in the first place.  Suggestions?

A few years before we started full timing a stray cat arrived to live around the house.  We called her Boots.  She would run off it we tried to touch her but she was always under our feet demanding breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks.   When our daughter bought the house Boots became part of the deal .   She then had a name change to Miss Kitty.  Maybe the new name helped.  She now allows a few select people to lightly pet her.

Her best friend in the world has become Cane, the resident dog.

Miss Kitty comes up our steps when hungry.  Cane comes up our steps every time she is allowed outside.

She is always welcome to come for a visit.  Miss Kitty, however, chooses not to visit inside.

When we were at Ives Run COE in Tioga, PA a few months ago , we noticed a neat looking light pole made of PVC pipe at the site next to us.   Leonard, always looking for a project, decided to build one.   

A name sign will be hung on it when the poly dries.  Last night he bought timer for the lantern and set it for 5:30 pm.  Oops, it didn't come on as we expected.  But we did notice when we got up this morning it was lit.  Could it be 5:30 am???

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Virus with a ransom

Upper Deerfield Twp, NJ

Three days ago I was looking at blogs when a ransom notice popped up and my computer was locked from further use.     It claimed it was from the Department of Justice and that I had downloaded a protected site.   It stated I needed to get a MoneyPak in the amount of $200 and enter the pin number then they would unlock the computer.    The $200. was a fine and settlement.    I know it was a scam.  I called Department of Justice and was told I would need to take the computer to a technician to have the virus removed.  It is being worked on at this time. 

I have read an article from NY Times on this issue.  It states this is a real money maker for the scammers.  In just one day they raked in over $400,000.   

I have no idea why I was hit.  I never open an email unless I am sure of who it is from.  I don't download music, movies, etc.   I visit so few sites.    The article states lots of time they hit people who look at porno. material.  NOT ME!   

The article also stated that while the computer is locked, they have access to passwords, bank accounts, etc.  The best thing to do is have the computer completely cleaned.  

So now I have to really keep up-to-date on my accounts, etc.   Beware!

Monday, December 3, 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like......

Upper Deerfield Twp,  NJ

In the spirit of the season we decorated our little home on Friday.

On Friday night we visited with friends who are attempting to start monthly gatherings for couples who have particiapted in the Marriage Encounter program.   There were 6 couples there.  We knew 3 of the couples and were glad to meet the other two.  We wish them success and hope to join them again when we are in the area.

On Saturday morning we went to breakfast with another couple.  Following breakfast we went to the nearest Hess gas station to get Len this years truck to add to his colleciton.  We then headed down to Maryland for Charlotte and Abby.

That night we took the girls to Pitman NJ a quaint town about 20 miles from here.   For the last 25 years they hold Christmas in the Grove.  The Grove is the site of an old Methodist "camp meeting".  The houses were at one time seasonal homes that meeting attendees used.  They are now privately owned.   Several of the homes participate in the annual project along with many stores and the community.    Even Santa is an attendnace.

Charlotte reviewing her list.

Abby saying this is as close as she going to get and holding tight to Grandpop.

We were very impressed with the display.  The town was full of people.  Probably had it not been on a Saturday and we had to fight the crowds, we would have spent more time looking around.

Notice Len's seasonal Cowboy hat.

Don't quite "get" this one:

The displays are open to the public and free.   There is a box where people can drop donations as it costs about $1,000 a month for electric that is split by the 4 neighboring families who do this.

The weather cooperated and it was in the mid 40's and no wind.   Perhaps we will go another time with the girls before Christmas.