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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

I'll get around to it. someday....

Vinton, LA

I know ..... I haven't posted it a while.   I'll get around to it.  Someday.   Gotta download some pictures.  Of Christmas, of stuff.   Got a new camera and need to get used to it.   Too lazy to learn.

We left NJ on the 2nd.   Stopped in Alabama and visited son and granddaughter.  Spent a night in Baton Rouge where we caught up with dear friend Judy Hughes and got to meet her hubby Leonard.   They were so nice to take us to dinner.

Got to Vinton yesterday.   Spent today looking for a Social Security office.   We had signed up for Len's prescription coverage and a change in mine back in November while at a Walmart in NJ.   We thought the man doing the paperwork was a duffous.   Now it's confirmed.

Len went to Walmart yesterday to get a prescription filled only to find out his plan was cancelled.    I got bill for my plan through Humana/Walmart and premium was raised $5.00 when it was supposed to have decreased with the new plan.

Bottom line the man (a Humana rep.)who we dealt with at the NJ Walmart signed us up with a wrong code that is NOT the Walmart plan.    We called Humana today and they processed Len's application over the phone.  Won't start until February.   As for me, I've had a Humana/Walmart plan for a year so I need to make a complaint through Medicare showing the idiot enrolled me in a wrong plan starting January.  Because it was not a qualified plan in SD, they kept me in the old plan.   The one the dummy enrolled me in WASN'T EVEN A WALMART PLAN.  They could enroll Len because he is just now entitled to Medicare and is still in his open enrollment period.  

Got address for a SS office in Orange, TX and it's not there.    Went to Lake Charles, LA office and they close on Wednesday at noon.  We got there 12:45.   So I know what our plans are for tomorrow.   That and learn to download pics from this new camera.

Until later.......


owensontheroad said...

Sorry to hear about the issues with Humana :( Nothing is ever easy, is it? Life would be so much easier without the health insurance pit!

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

I am afraid that the whole health insurance process is only going to get more difficult:(

Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

Egads...what a mess. So sorry you are having such an awful time trying to fill a simple prescription. Hope tomorrow brings you closure to this issue.

Donna K said...

There is nothing fun about Medicare and supplemental insurance. Hope you are able to get your plan straightened out.

Donna W. said...

what a mess. there are only a gazillion different companies offering supplemental in dozens of different plans. you practically have to have a degree in insurance to get through them. a lot of those reps dont really have a clue

Donna W. said...

p.s. also everytime I come to your site 1) it starts at bottom screen 2) the side jumps around 3) when I hit comment it takes me to some time of ad site.
this is just an fyi not a complaint