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Monday, August 17, 2009

I might be carless soon

We had not planned on selling my car until late September. A co-worker of Lens asked to buy it. However, her son is in town and needs a car. He is returning to Georgia THIS WEEK. So, the car might be history for us soon. That's okay. I leave for work about same time as Len and I pass the prison. I will drop him off and come back in the afternoon for him. The prison is only 3 miles from here.

Tonight we will look into getting the Pressure Pro System. Last week we bought a second battery that Len installed. We think we would like one for Boondocking occasions. Last week we had electrical storm and lost power. We then found out our bedroom TV runs on 12 volt system. YIPPEE! Just have to be careful not to run batteries down too fast.

Len met with representative about his deferred comp at work. She says the same as our financial planner who I met with last week. DO NOT BUY AN ANNUITY. We will probably rollover his deferred comp and my 401(k) from Seabrook into our Ameriprise accounts. We find we have enough in our Roth IRA's to draw from until Len is old enough for Social Security. This will be an advantage tax wise.

Every thing seems to be coming together. But still have those pesky health insurance issues to deal with.

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