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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

In Maryland

Welcome Jim and Dee to our blog!!! Glad to see you here.

Here I am writing from White Hall, MD. Daughter Amy was to have completed an archaeolgical project in D.C. around the last of May. Therefore she removed her girls from daycare, intending to stay home with them for a while. But the project is taking longer than she expected.

Last week I came down on Tuesday and stayed until Friday night. This week I drove down yesterday morning. I plan on taking girls back to NJ with me on Friday morning then meeting up with Amy and Scott Saturday morning to return them. She thinks the project will wrap up next week. Unitl it actually does wrap up, I will be coming down here during the week, returning to NJ on weekends. It's been a long time since I have had the opportunity to just goof off around the fiver.

Len is working evenings into early mornings so he remains back in NJ. We both started suffering from head colds over the weekend. His was much worse than mine. I could function; he could not. He stayed home from work yesterday as he was suffering from chills and feeling alround miserable. During the night his fever broke. He called this morning to report he feels so much better.

Once I am not needed down in Maryland, I will spend some time with girlfriends in NJ. Karol and I still have not gotten to the shore. I want to have dinner with Carolyn and Lois and lunch with Dot. I hope to catch up with Linda too.

Once things settle down, Len and I plan on seeing Marie, Bob, Clare and Tom. We also look forward to reconnecting with Andy and Kathy and Bev and Art. Then there is a potential dinner with Terri, Steve, Scott E, Carol and Tom A, John K and Jonathan S.

Since we are here waiting on repairs to the fiver, Len is working to bring in some extra funds. This will make life easier once we hit the road for real. Until then we hope and plan.

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