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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Back in NJ

Bridgeton,  NJ

We arrived back in NJ yesterday around 1.  Parked the rig in daughters yard and went to hospital to check on Mom.  She looked better than I expected.  However, today she was not doing as well.

I met with the doctor who told me Mom will not get any better than she is now.   They will send her to rehab tomorrow for a few days but there is a point where we need to decide that further hospitalizations will not help.    Then Hospice care will start and just keep her comfortable.   I don't think she realizes this is a possibility.

My brother, my sister and I need to come to an agreement on the best way to proceed.

This morning we took the truck in for it's first oil change.   Then we went shopping for Lazy Boy recliners.   We like the style and color in our rig but prefer to have "wall hugger" that take up less floor space as they do not need to be pulled out from the wall except for about 3 inches.     They had nothing suitable in separate recliners so we are considering the "love seat" type recliners.   Really need to think about this one for a while. 

We also are thinking of getting an air-ride type King Pin.   The ride with the new F350 and rig is beating us up.   On this latest trip a ceiling light over the TV fell out and broke.   Most of our clothing in the closet jumped off the rod and landed in a heap on the floor.

There is a Camping World about 20 miles from here.  We will take a ride over there tomorrow morning and ask about the King Pin and see if they suitable recliners.    Sure wish there was a custom RV furniture maker around here!

Oh - welcome to City Gal.  I tried to comment on your blog, but as with a lot of blogs, it will not accept my comments.  Just keep going in the loop with Google.  On some blogs I can post as Anonymous but yours does not list Anonymous as an option.  Looking forward to following your renovations.


JOJO said...

I've been in your place with my dad. I moved in with him for a few months and had Hospice Care come to the house. When things turned for the worse he was sent to Hospice Home where he passed. But the care there was great and he was so comfy. I wish you the best.

Sam&Donna Weibel said...

So sorry to hear about your Mom, Boy you guys are bouncing back & forth across the country,We are looking forward to our trip to Wisconsin next week., Donna really needs a vacation, and it will be good to see and meet blogger friends.We haven't met Dennis & Donna yet, but Steve & Karen were at the house this spring.Your spot will be open whenever you cross I-70. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

Laurie and George said...

Phyllis, I'm so sorry to hear about your Mom. I missed the last post somehow. I'm keeping you,her, and the decisions you have to make in my prayers.

Happytrails said...

We continue to think about you and keeping your mom in our prayers. These are difficult times for you....went through this with both of my parents. It is not easy. Sending you cyber hugs!

Texas Yellow Rose said...

I, too,had difficult decisions to make with my mom's care prior to her passing. My heart and thoughts are with you. I sure hope we can meet up while you guys are here in NJ. I'll research some options for you in this area and let's be in touch as you are able! Love, hugs and prayers . . .

Rick and Paulette said...

I understand the feelings you must be experiencing right now with your Mom's situation. Having been in much the same situation just a few years ago, I know how difficult it is. Take care.

As for the commenting problem, I'm thinking it has to do with 'cookie' settings. The complex domain infrastructure used by Blogger / Google necessitates the use of third party cookies.

These third party cookies are not harmful. If you know how to enable them, do so, and try to leave comments on a blog that you have trouble with.

If you're not sure about enabling them, let me know what browser (Chrome, IE or Firefox) you use and I'll send you the instructions.

MargieAnne said...

Reading all the comments is so heartwarming. What a great bunch of people we have come to know in this new age of communication.

Thanks for kind and encouraging comments on my Blog. I did mean to send you a note sooner but by the time I got other things done all I had was brain fudge.

I was so sad to hear you return because your mother is slippng. It's not an easy time. We could be in our situation for years. Mum's decline is so slow. At the same time we have to be prepared for any moment.

I'm so glad we both have our faith in God to see us through the difficult days. Days when we wish it was all over and days when we dread that we will no longer have our mothers. Days when difficult decisions must be made and says when we are exhausted by all that goes with seeing that our mothers get proper care balanced with maintaining our own lives as well as we can.

Like you I have a wonderfully supportive husband. John brings me back to reality when I want to run away. Last night I came home to a warm house and dinner almost ready to go on our plates. That's true love.

Hope you can have a great day with a few laughs along the way.