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Saturday, November 5, 2011

THE Bumper!

Upper Deerfield Twp, NJ.

Welcome to our three newest followers -  CAT, Bud Russman (Arizona RV Guy) and Joan.   Glad to meet you here online.

Since we bought our 20l1 F350 in March, Leonard has wanted a front bumper like the one we put on the 2006 F250.    That bumper saved us on more than one occasion.   One night we were coming back from Atlantic City and a deer ran out in front of us.   We were going 55 mph.   SMASH - into the bumper.  Len got out of the truck, pulled the deer out of the road and wiped the hair off the bumper.   It was AFTER we got home we thought -  HEY WE LOVE VENISON.  The damage would have been extensive if not for the bumper.

The bumper he likes are from the Ranch Hand company out of Texas.   Because we are settled here in NJ until January this was a good time to get it installed.    He called Ranch Hand and they referred him to a distributor down near Annapolis MD only about 120 miles away.

So two weeks ago down to MD we drove.   Once more over the Bay Bridge.

We easily found the distributor.

They know we were coming and had the monster ready to load on to the back of a trailer we borrowed from a friend.  

When we got back to NJ we took it to Dennis, a friend who has a body shop just two miles from our daughter's house (used to be ours)  where we are "camped" in her driveway.  Dennis was away but knew we would be dropping it off.

When Dennis got back from visiting his grandchildren in Canada whe called Leonard to make an appointment.  He said he wanted to get it done ASAP as the dang thing was taking up two bays!

We were in Delaware getting the rig work done so it would have to wait until Thursday.  Len was at the shop first thing Thursday morning.  We picked up the turck Thursday afternoon.

Len is quite the happy man.

Yea, just what I need.  The truck to be even longer than it already was.


Laurie and George said...

Nice bumper! I better not let George read this, or we'll be getting one!

Erik's RV Blog said...

Now that's a great bumper for a great truck! FORD stands for "first on race day"!


Jessica and Harry said...

I was thinking the same thing that Laurie wrote! LOL

where's weaver said...

What a nice job they did. Looks great! Enjoy.

Donna K said...

Phyllis did you just have a birthday??? Sounded like it from your comment on my blog! Happy Birthday :)

Texas Yellow Rose said...

Hey, lookin' good there, Len! Ooops, sorry Phyllis! Teehee!

Elaine said...

great looking bumper...and a happy birthday to you !!!!

JOJO said...

Happy Birthday Phyllis.
Great looking bumper

Kenny And Angela's Adventure said...

Now that's a cow pusher of a bumper.