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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Rig repairs and Delaware sights

Smryna, DE

We took our fiver to Parkside RV in Delaware Tuesday night for repairs from the damage we had when we blew two tires on the same day.

The damage:

The fix:

They did a great job and were a joy to work with.   BUT they gave us bad news.  The tires we bought only weeks ago already are showing wear on the outside.   They have less than 1,000 miles on them.  We have blown three tires and had one fail due to tread wear since we had the fifthwheel repaired at Scott Motorcoach in Lakewood NJ last August.   All these tires were on the same side.

Those who have been reading this blog for a while remember the issues we've had with Scott.  We took  our home to them to repair the back cap.  When we got it back the steps had been replaced.  We've received no logical reason for this.  It took us months and a letter to Good Sam to get them to send us suitable steps.

We believe the steps were out when they moved the rig and got destroyed.  At that time we believe either the axles or the frame was bent.  We plan on having the rig checked.  However, it there is the damage to the frame or axles,  how do we prove the damage was done by Scott.    Repairs must be done, we can not continue to buy new tires every few thousand miles or take the chance of more blowouts and additional damage to our home

Yesterday while Parkside was working on our rig, we visited two nearby places.   First we went to:

 This National Wildlife Refuge is in Smyrna.  Cost is $4.00 per vehicle.  No charge for us who have a Federal Park Annual Pass or lifetime Federal Access or Senior Pass.  Again, what a bargain the Senior $10.00 lifetime Senior Pass has been.

The drive through the refuge is about 12 miles long through marsh and upland.

There is a one mile trail that we would have loved to walk but it was still wet from the morning dew and I was not wearing suitable shoes.    There were three shorter paths leading to observation towers.  We  walked the three of them.

This is a popular place for birders.    I have no idea what these first two fellows are:

Loads of Canada Geese this time of year.

In the refuge there is the Allee House built in 1753 that is under renovation and not currently open for visitors.

After a stop in Dover at Pizza Hut for their lunch buffet we visited:

The complex includes a building housing conference areas and classrooms that hold various displays of indigenous live and stuffed critters.

We were interested in the boardwalk that winded out to the estuary.

What a disappointment to come upon this:

The boardwalk was as far as we could see but our walk was cut short. Perhaps another time


Erik's RV Blog said...

Looks like the body shop did a great job fixing the damage. I understand all too well the frustration of dealing with companies that do poor work. Illinois seems to be the place these bad companies love to do business in.

I hope it all gets squared away soon for you. The pictures are beautiful! Too bad it got cut short!

Safe travels,


Happytrails said...

What a nice way to spend your time while waiting for repairs.
What a great job the body shop did on your rig. You can't tell it was ever damaged.
Isn't it awful that there are companies out there doing business like Scott?? Good luck getting things all fixed up.

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

Hope you can resolve your rig issues for the long term with out a huge cost. Great tour of the area.

Judy and Emma said...

Those first two birds are double-crested cormorants, I believe.

What a shame about the shoddy workmanship at Scott's. :(

Bob said...

Once again, please go to RV Service reviews and explain your beef with "Scott". Others can make up their own minds as to whether they should do business there, but need to have something to go on first.
Here's the link

Never know, it could help some poor slob like me some day..

Sam&Donna Weibel said...

Surely someone possibly another employee witnessed what happened to your rig, Such a deliberate act to cover up damage is criminal. We are paying the price also for shoddy workmanship, someone who forgot to caulk and seal something and then obviously no one caught it in quality control or at the dealers when it was prepped and checked for sale.Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

Rick and Paulette said...

That repair job looks like new! The tire problem is almost certainly something that happened at Scotts when the stairs were bent. I imagine they will deny everything though and that's unfortunate.

JOJO said...

What a shame to have your rig comprimised by Scott. I hope you can get it fixed right and not have anymore trouble with tires.

I loved your pictures. Thanks for sharing.

rc trucks said...

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