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Monday, October 31, 2011

Playhouse Part Two

Upper Deerfield Twp. NJ

Leonard was out to the shop before 7 am Saturday morning where he remained until well after 5 pm.   Sunday was church and later an oyster/ham dinner at a local Firehall that we attended with our friends Scott, Carol and John.

This morning again before 7 it is back to the project.

Standing another wall in place.

Installing a window:

One board short for the porch. This meant another trip to Home Deport this morning.

Tomorrow we take our Montana down to Delaware and will "camp" at the dealers as we have an appointment at 8 on Wednesday when they will repair the damage to the side of our rig from our tire blowouts.


Texas Yellow Rose said...

Lookin' good there! Wow, I should hire Len to build us a mud shed for the Winter . . . :) Wish you guys the best of luck for a speedy and beautiful repair of your rig from those nasty blowouts.

Happytrails said...

Good luck on getting the rig all fixed up after your blowouts. Hope you get in and out quickly and with excellent results. :-)

FULL-TIMERS...OCT. 17, 2009 said...

This playhouse is going to be some BIG deal. Still looking forward to the finish product.
Good luck with the repair on the rig. Hope all goes smoothly!

Elaine said...

wow thats one playhouse...good luck with the repairs ;)

Donna K said...

Looks like the playhouse is coming right along. Can hardly wait to see the finished product.

Donna W. said...

Sure looks to me like Grandpa is making sure it is big enough for him to be invited in for cookies.