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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sad news on our last day in the Laurel Highlands

Rockwood,  Pa

One of the reason we came to this area of Pennsylvania for a week was to catch up with RVing/Blogging buddies Peggy and David from www.koehlerskaravan.blogspot.com.    I have been "talking" to Peggy online for a few years.  We met up with this fine couple last year when they were working at the Escapees Park in Hondo, TX and we were visiting friends near San Antonio.  

Peggy's mother died earlier this year leaving her Dad alone.  He asked Peggy to return home for a while.   Knowing he had several health issues, she and David came back to NJ and moved into his home.

On Tuesday we were treated to meeting her Dad,  enjoying a meal she cooked and getting to know Peggy and David better.      We had planned to get together again yesterday.  However, Peggy contacted me Friday that her Dad had fallen and while being treated they found his cancer had spread.  

Peggy's father died this morning at 11:30 am.   I am so glad we got to meet him.  He appeared in good health  on Tuesday.   We enjoyed talking to him about his years working in the area.  He also relayed stories of nearby sites we should visit.    You could tell he was proud of where he came from.

Peggy and David, dear friends, our hearts go out to you.    

This being our last full day in the area, we decided to check out a few more sites.   First we attended Christ United Methodist Church in Rockwood.

After lunch back at the campground, we took off for a ride.  First stop

This is quite a large state park.   We were curious about the campground but it is closed for the season.  We then wanted to check out Kooser State Park not far away.

Our GPS took us up a dirt road high in the mountain.  We loved the location of this house and the view.

Down the other side of the mountain and we found

Again, campground was closed but it appears the cabins are still open for rent.

The weather today is the best it has been since we arrived.   After our ride there was one thing I really wanted and it could be found here:

A waffle sundae with caramel sauce and pecans.  As an extra treat, this was occurring in the DQ parking lot and neighboring businesses.

And back in the day, didn't everybody have one of these?

Welcome to William McKibbon our newest follower.  Thanks for stopping by.


where's weaver said...

Please pass on our sympathies to Peggy and David. What a Blessing it was that you all had a wonderful time together before his death.
We wish you safe travels to your next destination.
Enjoy the ride!

Happytrails said...

So sorry to hear about Peggy's father passing away. Please extend our deepest sympathy to her and David for us. I am so glad you all got to know him and visit with him earlier in the week.

Looks like you all sure had a nice day to do some exploring!! I would especially enjoy exploring the DQ!! :-)
Safe travels to you guys!!

Donna K said...

My condolences to Peggy and family. Seems things can change so quickly. Glad you got to meet him.

I enjoyed your tour of the area. Nice pictures and how fun to see all the old cars.

Kenny And Angela's Adventure said...

Sorry to hear the news of your friends father.. and no not everone had one of those at least not me. Only in my dreams..

Elaine said...

So sorry to hear the news of your friend's dad...how sad. How wonderful that you got to meet him and enjoy him....safe journey

Rick and Paulette said...

Very sorry to hear about the loss of your friend's Father but glad you had the chance to meet him. At least he didn't suffer long with the recurrence of cancer.

Sam&Donna Weibel said...

Our sympathy to your friends.
The restaurant during the summer has these 'car shows' once a month and they give out a best trophy....the july winner looked just like that yellow one...same color everything.
Love the muscle cars of the 60's that show up, make u remember your teen years.
Donna W.

JOJO said...

My sympathy to your friends for the lose of her father. I know he enjoyed telling you his stories.

Your pictures are great thanks for sharing.