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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Crossing over bridges with Abby.

Max Meadows,  VA

On Friday morning we met daughter Amy to get granddaughter Abby who we will be traveling with us for a week or so.   Amy has a temporary archaeological assignment set to last for a few weeks.  Charlotte is in school during the day.   Amy will be looking for a daycare for Abby but in the meantime we are glad to take her along as we had planned to anyhow!

Our first stop on the way back to see the progress on the rig was in Glasgow, DE.   We have always noticed a large city park on Rt 40 at the 896 intersection.  There are jogging paths and now they have added a playground.

Abby especially liked this slide.

And some more fun with this little boy on the See Saw.

There are a lot of construction projects going on throughout the park.   Wonder what is next.

On the way back to the RV repair shop we took Rt 1 in Delaware.  I have always loved the look of this bridge that crosses the canal.

What a delight to find when we arrived at Parkside RV they had our rig ready having completed all repairs until replacement parts arrive.    What service!  

We were on the road headed to Virginia by 1:30.    Another bridge -  this one the Bay Bridge near Annapolis MD.  One span had all traffic headed north.  The other span had two lanes going south and one north.  I  don't remember encountering this pattern before.

A bridge we really don't like is the one going from Maryland into Virginia.  Very narrow with one lane in each direction.

Once in Virginia we decided to find a place to rest for the night.    We were not far into Virginia in the town of  Owens on Route 301 when we found what looks to be a new WalMart.   Leonard went inside and got permission to stay the night.  We have NO problem spending a night to catch some sleep at WalMart, Flying J, etc. or Rest Areas with Security on site.

Up early on Saturday to hit the road.   Abby ready to travel.

Lucky ready to travel.

We arrived in Max Meadows, VA at Ft. Chiswell RV Park around 2.   This is a nice park with nice people in attendance.   Weekly rate $187.00.   We are staying a week.   The only negative is some areas (the one we are in) have sites really close together.   The other side of the park seem to have much larger sites.  Had we known we would have asked for one of them.  The park was 1/2 full  when we got here.  By 6 it was packed.   This park is only 1/2 mile off I81.   By mid morning today, less than 1/2 full.  Now at 6:30 in Sunday night it is full again.

I have two nephews and their wives and children who live in this area.  That is the reason we decided to spend a little time here.   Our one great-niece Emilie has been wanting us to visit.  

This is Abby with her 2nd (?) cousins Jason and Emilie.

After a few hour visit we left and had a late lunch at Cracker Barrel.   We hope the weather improves so we can do some sight seeing over the next several days.   It's been in the 40s and drizzling.


Laurie and George said...

Nice time to be with your grandaughter! Glad you are doing better with the RV.

Donna K said...

So nice that Abby can take a little trip with you. Looks like fun on the playground.

That one bridge does look a bit narrow.

JOJO said...

What a wonderful RV Repair place. Glad you are back on the road and have your granddaughter sharing your trip.

Rick and Paulette said...

Great to see all those pictures of Abby having so much fun. A trip with the Grandparents is a very special treat for a youngster. Glad to see you're back out and about with your rig!

nwlambear said...

Just reading through some of your blog. So sorry 'bout the problems you've been having with tires, etc. That would stress me out!!! Did you sell your stick'n'bricks house when you went into your RV? BTW...loved seeing your pics of the bridges. Being from Delaware originally I'm quite familiar with the bridges there as well as in Virginia. Most of our Navy career was in VA. Never had to drive a 5th wheel on those trips though. Take care you two.