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Thursday, September 29, 2011

We are so impressed!

Smyrna,   DE

Welcome to two new followers Joan and Kitty.   Love to see you here!

One of our joys of being in NJ is seeing our east coast grandchildren.  Our 24 year old grandson, Justin was at out his mothers in NJ on Monday.  On Saturday we met 1/2 way between our daughters homes  to bring the girls to NJ from their home in MD.   Our usual place to meet is along the Susquehanna River in Port Deposit, MD.     The river showed the ravages from Hurricane Irene with it's muddy waters and higher than normal levels.  We saw that a lot of Port Deposit had been flooded when they had to open the gates up river at Conawingo Dam.

It was an eerie sight.

The girls got to meet the new addition to their Aunt T and Uncle Steve's family.    This is "Cane" (actual name Hurricane Irene as they traveled in the Hurricane to pick her up.)   Cane is a rescue dog, part Collie and part who knows what!

We left NJ this morning and drove the 58 miles over to Smyrna, DE for warranty and repair work on our rig.   We are so pleased with this dealership.

Even though we arrived later than expected, they were professional, polite and got right to working on the paperwork.   They had to order some  parts which they expect to arrive around noon tomorrow.  However, they got started immediately working on the items they could.

We went to WalMart and bought a portable DVD player with two screens to attach to the back of our seats to be viewed by our granddaughters when we take them on long trips.    We then drove into the nearest town to Smyrna which is Dover, DE.


There were RV's everywhere.  Camped in every parking lot and piece of vacant and not so vacant real estate.  My sister tells me they reserve a spot at stores a year in advance.  

We ate at Applebees.  In the parking lot were four RVs complete with grills, tables, chairs, etc.  One had tables set out and about 15 people sitting around.   One motor home was taking up 6 parking spots.   It must be worth it to the businesses.

Everywhere you looked:

Dover Downs in the background.   My sister (a NASCAR fan) says to expect bumper to bumper traffic tomorrow, the first race day.  Oh my!!!  She should know as she usually attends the races here.

When we got back to the dealership around 2 they had the rig set in place for the night.  They provide water and 50 amp electric.  How cool is that!   Where we bought the rig ( Scott RV) and had previous (frustrating) work done, NO SUCH THING!    Go find a motel!  

So tomorrow we will pick up granddaughter Abby who will be spending at least a week with us.   Hopefully the motor for the back stabilizers would have arrived by the time we get back.

We know we will have to return once they receive the parts they ordered due to the damage from the tire blow outs.  That's okay.  We plan on being  back in this area in a few weeks anyway.   And we are positive it will not take them 6 weeks to order the parts (like it did Scott RV) or 3 months to get around to making the repairs (like it did Scott RV).   We also bet they won't "pirate" our steps (like Scott RV).   SCOTT RV TAKE A LESSON!

We are settled in for the night feeling very secure.  And why wouldn't we?   Every time we open our door and step out we are greeted by this fellow.

Glad he's on the OTHER side of the fence.


Happytrails said...

Glad you found a good RV service center. Sounds like they are really cordial and focused. Hope they can fix things up in a timely manner.

Good luck with that NASCAR traffic! :-)

Laurie and George said...

Ditto on the RV center. We'll have to remember them when we're in that area. I'm glad that things are starting to go a bit better too :)

JOJO said...

Glad you found a good RV Repair shop
I have been trying to comment for 2 days they just go away I know I am not alone in this problem

Donna K said...

We had the same problem with parking a few weeks ago in Pendleton, OR. Didn't know it was the Pendleton Roundup weekend...the biggest rodeo in the Pacific Northwest. Sounds like you are settled down nicely for now though. Hope your repair job goes smoothly.

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

It is amazing how often we wander into some place to find a big event we know nothing about. We sometimes have to go a good distance to find place to camp.

It is great to have dealer you can trust to do the work on the rig. We always go all the way to Ohio for service we they are reliable.

Sam&Donna Weibel said...

We came back from Pa one year, oblivious to the fact that it was the indpls 500...of course we soon figured it out when we hit indy just after race ended. we sat on interstate forvever!