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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Just one more aggravation - but we can handle it!

Upper Deerfield Twp,  NJ

We welcome as new followers:    Mike Mills, Donald, Rick and Elaine, Nan and John and Michael Ultra.    So glad to see you here.  

The last time we had our 2011 Ford F350's oil changed was at the Ford Dealership at a cost of over $120.00.   I saw that Camping World does oil changes on diesel trucks for $69.99.   Hey, I say to Leonard, let's go there next time.

Today was the day.   He called the local Camping World last week and made an appointment for today.  They asked him the year, make and model of the truck.  We get there this morning at 10:45 for our 11:00 appointment.

We made ourselves comfortable in the waiting area talking to a nice couple.  A short time later the mechanic comes out and says they don't have the oil filter that fits our truck.  It will take about two hours to have one delivered.   Okay, we can deal with that.

Since it was close to 11:30 and we were hungry, the nice couple offered to drive us to a nearby McDonalds.  We gladly accepted their kind offer.  They took us there and brought us back to Camping World.

We wait and wait and wait.  About three hours later (not two) the filter arrives.   They finally get the oil changed around 4 pm.   We go to pay and fortunately Leonard notices on the work order they used the WRONG OIL!    We had been told by our dealer that the newer Ford diesels use 10W30, not 15W40 the  older trucks required.   The mechanic used 15W40.

Leonard called our dealer.  He said GET THAT OIL OUT OF YOUR TRUCK!.    The woman at the counter said she would check on it.  She called a Ford dealer who told her the same thing we said - the new Ford engine uses 10W30.   So, they had to call a Ford dealer and get the right oil.  

The mechanic was upset earlier in the day about the filter.  He told Leonard he should have made an appointment with them and not expect them to have the filter in stock that we needed.  Len's response was that he did have an appointment and they asked at the time about the truck.  This time the mechanic came out and told Leonard to take his truck to Ford next time!  Len replied in the same tone, I WILL!  Leonard also told him there is a sticker on the window stating last oil change and what type oil to use.

So, finally at 5:40 the truck was done and we left, none too happy.  AND because of the different oil filter the cost was a little over $100, not $69.99.    

Is someone playing with our heads???

And we will be taking it to a Ford dealer next time.


Happytrails said...

That is awful!! I am furious and it wasn't even my truck. The mechanic should be fired!! The economy is just not that good that you can talk to customers in such a rude way. I would contact the Camping World home office and complain...LOUDLY!!

Texas Yellow Rose said...

Good grief! That is why, though, we take our truck to Ford dealers, which is not necessarily a guarantee they'll be "with it," but more likely to be. Gee, hope things are smooth for you guys for a while!

trailercamper said...

Sorry to hear of your difficulties. I work for an automotive dealer group and understand too well how the wrong filters and oil can make their way into vehicles serviced by independent shops. While they may seem cheaper, often it is the dealer that is cheaper. Unfortunately, dealers tend to be a little inconvenient when it comes to hours and location.
Vehicles cost a lot of money and proper maintenance is key to uninterrupted service. I suspect the extra $30.00 is likely worth it.

Laurie and George said...

Geez! A Camping World no less. I hope this doesn't pile more on your plate in trying to decide whether to pull off the road :(

JOJO said...

About a year ago I posted about Camping World, I was treated so badly I had all to do not to slap the man in the face. He treated me like I was some low life. I was there to ask what it would take to tow my car behind my MH. I had already bought and paid for something and then found out you have to have a camping world card not Good Sam OK my bad. But getting back to it I sent an e-mail to Good Sam and Camping World about the horrible treatment I receive. Guess what nobody cares. I said I will never go to camping world again and I will not.

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

Another horror story on camping world. I have never had any work done there, but have yet to hear anyone say they were happy with the work.

Erik's RV Blog said...

As I have learned, Campaign World stinks, pure and simple. I went to an RV show of theirs and blogged about it, they had the stones to post a comment in a not to civil tone.

I'll never use a Camping World and they seem plenty happy that people don't like them, doesn't sound like a smart decision long term.

Glad they finally got it right though but I would heed their lousy mechanics advice, I would also take the truck back to Ford to insure the filter is tight and nothing is leaking.

Pissed off mechanics tend to do sloppy work.

Good luck!


Rick and Paulette said...

I'll never get any work done at Camping World after reading your post - how infuriating. It must be nice when a company thinks they don't have to care one whit about customer service.

Donna K said...

They should have lowered their price, not raised it! After all they are the ones who were causing the problems. No Camping World for me....this is not the first horror story I have read. Perhaps you should give that mechanic a link to your blog and let him see what RVers think of poor service.

Kenny And Angela's Adventure said...

Sounds like lately if you guys didn't have bad luck you woundn't have any luck at all..Things have to start to look up soon hang in there.

Camping world is off our list thanks for the heads up.

Ali said...

So sorry you had to deal with that situation. Knowing it probably wouldn't do any good but let off some steam...I would still write a few letters of complaint - the president of Camping World, the local shop manager and post it on RV.net etc.