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Saturday, September 3, 2011


North Scituate,  RI

WE HAVE ELECTRIC!    Came on about four hours ago.   Oh, what a10 days we've had.

It all started when we left this area and headed to the Poconos of Pa due to the approaching menace of Hurricane Irene.

Behind our fiver in PA was this small stream.

After a few hours of rain it looked like this:

Then came the hurricane.  Sunday morning this is what we found.

All around us was this but we were sitting high and dry, even with the stream only 5 feet behind the rig.

As I've reported earlier, we left the Poconos on Monday and came here to Camp Aldersgate to start our NOMADS project.

Our workweek was delayed one day and the tasks changed.   Lots of trees down and branches to pick up.   AND NO ELECTRIC.    We were thrilled about this as back in the Pocono's we were without electric.  So work had to be done without electrical power or water.

Len loved cutting up trees and removing the logs from camp roads.

This was just one of many paths to be cleared by dragging down branches out to an area where the chipper would then be able to turn it into mulch.

I assisted in the dismantling of a lean-to behind the dining hall.    What once was there, is now gone.  Next week we will be insulating the back wall of this building.

We do not work Friday, Saturday or Sunday.  Yesterday we did some grocery shopping and that was about it.

Today Len and I took a ride over to Newport and then stopped at a Chili's for a late lunch.

Did you know there are some fairly nice properties in that town?

If any of you are in the market for a stix and brix, this one is available.  If interested, it is listed with Sotheby's.  ENOUGH SAID!

One more day off and it's back to work.  We are laboring on Labor Day.

Oh, and did I mention?   WE HAVE ELECTRIC!


Laurie and George said...

Must feel like going from a Howard Johnson's to the Park Hyatt! :-)

Happytrails said...

So glad to hear you have electricity!! That is always nice. :-)
I think we'll pass on the sicks-n-bricks!! Thanks anyway! LOL
Enjoy your work with NOMADS!!

JOJO said...

That storm did a lot of damage in lots of places. NJ suffered plenty. My sister is there for a wedding and can't believe the flooding and downed trees and power lines.

Donna K said...

Always nice to have the electric back on. I can only wonder what a house would sell for if it is listed with Sothebys...let me check my bank balance...Ooops, no, guess I'm not interested either LOL!

heyduke50 said...

electric power is such a nice thing to have... isn't it?

Rick and Paulette said...

Great to hear you've got power again. Quite the home for sale but out of our league for sure!

Anonymous said...

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