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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Almost Boondocking

North Scituate,  RI

A trip that should have taken 5 hours took us 7.5 on Monday.  We left Saylorsville, PA at 10 am.   We drove about 40 miles on Rt 209 to find the remaining 15 miles to connect to I84 was closed due to flooding and downed trees.  Really would have appreciated some signage warning of us this.

We got turned around.  A few miles up the road the Pressure Pro warned us that a trailer tire was losing pressure.  We found a service station to air up only to find they had no electric.   Len got out our compressor and generator and aired the tire.

I used our GPS to find the nearest entrance to I84, about 22 miles away.    It was up a narrow winding road.   About five miles later, off goes the Pressure Pro again.   This time we found a closed restaurant and pulled into the parking lot where Len changed the tire.

Eventually this narrow road turned to PA402 which was not bad.  We connected with I84 and headed East.  In Newburg, NY we pulled off and found a Firestone Store.   The problem with the tire was that the valve split.   Cost to fix only a little over $15.00.

Off we go again.  After stopping at a rest area in CT for a late lunch, we finally made it to our exit from I84 only to find a detour sign.  We pulled over so I could look at a map.   As we pulled over a car stopped in front of us and a nice gentleman came back to us and asked where we wanted to go.  He said to follow him and he would get us back on CT 74 which connected to Rt 44 our destination.

When we got to the light at our turn off, he again got out of his car and came back to us to be sure we were then okay and knew to turn.  How nice of him.

We finally got to Camp Aldersgate a little after 5:30!    Two of the other couples were already here.  One couple was visiting nearby relatives.  The other couple came out to greet us and tell us soup and grilled cheeses sandwiches would be waiting for us after we got set up.  SUPER!

Another couple is to arrive today.  They left VA yesterday morning.

We found most of our route in PA took us through areas with no power.   Few people in this area have power, including us.   We were told yesterday the earliest would be Monday.   Our generator is being put to use for sure.   The campground every few days will hook up a generator to their water pump so we all can fill our potable tanks.

Yesterday we spent the entire day picking up and piling fallen branches and cutting down trees about to tumble and clearing paths in the woods.   OUCH on the sore muscles.

I am getting a good Internet connection this morning for the first time.   Took pictures but no time to post.   Phone coverage comes and goes.   Almost time to start another work day.   Weather is great.  The camp director's (husband and wife) are great.   Last night they grilled turkey and potatoes and made a salad and corn for a much appreciated meal.  I contributed some  brownies I quickly made.

Time to head to our morning meeting and start another day of "heavy working".   Take care everyone.


JOJO said...

What a mess. But you are now safe and parked. Working really hard seems to be what you and Len do. But be careful. Hope power will be restored soon.
why do people use these letter things.this is going to be the third try :(

Laurie and George said...

Irene sure left a mess! I know parts of PA are still without power - some of our employees don't have power yet. NJ still has roads closed. Makes life interesting trying to get water to places.

Happytrails said...

Wow!! What a time you all had!! Isn't it nice that someone stopped and helped you all out?? So glad you all arrived safe and sound and hopefully the power will be back very soon!!
Enjoy your work!!

Texas Yellow Rose said...

So glad you arrived safely!

Donna K said...

So scary...glad you are safe.