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Monday, August 22, 2011

Drawing up plans

West Thompson Lake, CT

Yesterday we attended this church in nearby Putnam CT.

How good is was to see an almost full church.  The pastor gave a good sermon and the people really sang.   After the service we talked to a few members and gave them  NOMADS brochures.    We briefly spoke to the pastor and gave her one too.

We took a short drive after lunch and stopped for ice cream.   On the drive we saw these structures and wondered what they once were part of.

Then we talked about where we would head once we were done with our NOMADS project in Rhode Island.  (Hence part of the reason for today's title - drawing up plans).     We had thought about moving further up into New England but we are finding so many campgrounds are closing in October and some even early September.

We are now thinking of West Virginia for a spell.   I see they have several COE parks down there.  Some appear to stay open until late November.  However, not all COE parks have water and electric hookups or can accommodate a 38' rig.  

Today we felt it was time to finally take a long walk down to the lake from our campsite.  The walk took about an hour and a half.  Good up and down hill exercise.

The dam.

The lake.

The amphitheater

The other reason for today's title.   We really like the picnic tables here.  On one end, room for a wheelchair.  On the other end, a child's seat.

Len spent the afternoon taking measurements and drawing up plans.  These plans will go with others he wants to built at some future time.

While he was daydreaming of building the table, I made our dinner of meatloaf, mac and cheese and collards.  YUM!

We spent the early evening around our campfire until the mosquitos got to us.  Tomorrow is another day.  Life is good!


Carol and Johnny said...

I like the picnic tables. Very handy ideas! We might be in the Austin area in March. Either there or Louisiana are the best bets right now. Keep us posted on your plans. Would be great to get together.

Laurie and George said...

What a cool picnic table. Good thing for Len to make when he gets to the next Nomad's project!

JOJO said...

I have noticed in many of your photo's the churches all have that comfy and cozy look to them. Most seem to be white clapboard or some sort of siding. Makes you want to be there. Hope you have safe travels always.