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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The road ends.

West Thompson Lake, CT

No, not our road.   So there was an earthquake in the northeast yesterday.   We hear on the news that people in Providence, RI felt it.  We are about 30 miles west of Providence.  Never felt a thing.  And  I do know what earthquakes feel like.

 In 1992 I was at a Human Resource Conference in Las Vegas.  One hit in the LA area around 3 in the morning.   Woke me up.  Another one hit in northern Nevada around 8.   I sure felt that one too.

After hearing about the one yesterday I called my daughters.  The daughter who lives in NJ had been trying to call me but could not get a cell connection.   She was in her Eddystone PA office and felt it.  My MD daughter felt it in MD.  She lives about 50 miles from DC.  The granddaughters were taking their naps and it did not wake them.   This daughter lived in the San Francisco area in 1989 when the World Series quake hit.  So she really knows what they feel like.

The road ending I am referring to is the road that used to be where Lake Thompson is now.  We took a walk along that path yesterday.

You can see the old asphalt.

The path juts into the lake about 1/4 of a mile where it stops.

 There are signs of where it continued on what used to be dry ground.

And that, friends, was our most exciting part of the day  - we never left the campground.

We did take our usual short walk around the camping area.   We had noticed a couple camping in a tent ever since we arrived.  They were outside and we stopped to talk.   They are not just camping here - they are homeless.   COE parks only allow a two week stay at a site.  So they move their tent and few belongings every two weeks.

The man works part time as a care taker for a man with Lou Gehrig's disease.  We invited the woman over to our site while we sat around the campfire last night.  She is just 53 years old.  She had worked but was laid off a few years back. Once her unemployment ran out, she found herself homeless.  She told us she has been in psychiatric hospitals in the past.     This park closes in two weeks and they don't know where they will be staying.   They said probably will be sleeping in their car.   I have to wonder about their road.    Where will it end.   And I reflect on how fortunate most of us are and what it would be like to be in such a situation.

We leave tomorrow and head to Rhode Island.   We will be keeping an eye on the tracking of Hurricane Irene.  Should she head up into the New England area, we will pull up stakes and head as far inland as possible.

Until next time.


Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

Good title! Got me curious right away.

Laurie and George said...

There but for the grace of God...
The earthquakes wasn't felt here at my office, but some people we know felt it.

JOJO said...

Looks like a great camp ground and the road that no longer continues is interesting.