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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Old Stone Fort then reconnecting with old friends.

Whitehall,  NY

Not sure if I will be able to upload pictures.  Very slow connection here in the Adirondacks.

We left Central Bridge, about 105 miles from here, on Friday.   Before leaving we spent a part of Thursday nearby in the town of Schoharie touring the Museum at the Old Stone Fort.   Quite a bargain - $5.00/$4.10 seniors.

Old Stone Fort was originally built as a High Dutch Reformed Church in 1772.

After a 1777 uprising of Indians and Amercians loyal to the King, a wooden stockade was constructed around the building, garrisoned by Continental soldiers in 1778 and 1779.   After the war it was reverted back to a church.  In 1857 it was sold to the State of NY and used as an armory until after the Civil War.
 In 1873 the state gave it to the county of Schoharie and in 1888 it was organized as a museum.   There are extensive displays on both floors of the building.

Since that time other historic buildings were brought to the property:  A 1863 school house, a 1786 home of one of the counties first settlers, a 1780 Dutch barn, a 1830 law office, a 1830 Greek Revival house and a 1860 carriage house.   I took pictures of each of these buildings and wanted to post, but it is taking too long to upload and my Sprint Mobile Hot Spot is on roaming and I have a limit on my roaming time.

On Friday we headed to Whitehall NY where we will stay until Thursday.   Whitehall is the

That sign says - Birthplace of the UN Navy.   It would appear this town has a lot of history which we will explore this week.

We are camped at a very small RV park with 26 campsites.  At this time we are the ONLY people here.  The campground is part of Whitehall Marina.   About 1/4 mile from us is a series of locks connecting a river with  Lake Champlain.   The view from behind our rig.

Full hook ups with cable (we use our own satellite) a lovely view, a really nice guy who runs the marina and RV park, laundry facilities which is one washer and dryer with a metal box to deposit the money at just $2.00 to wash and dry.   Also a book lending shelf and lots of literature for nearby attractions.   This is a Passport America park.  We paid $30.00 a night for Friday and Saturday (normal price is $40.00) and $20.00 a night for rest of week.  We like this place.

We noticed some areas are sort of boggy.   Our friends who live in the area told us this place was underwater back in the spring.   We since noticed a few buildings have water marks about 2 feet up.

Once we got settled I called those friends, Ginny and Chris Crowfoot, who have a summer home about 32 miles from here in Crown Point, NY.  They moved from NJ many years ago to Sundown, a small town in the Catskills.   In 2000 they found an ideal summer home on Lake Champlain.   I saw pictures of what it looked like then - overgrown, in disrepair.  A project I would have looked the other way on.  They took on the challenge and have a delightful little haven sitting on 4.5 acres of beautiful lakeside property with a huge deck overlooking the lake and even a small fishing pier.

From their deck:

The house:

Our friends Ginny and Chris:

On Friday they came to the campground and we went OUT FOR DINNER.  On Saturday we went to their house and we went OUT FOR DINNER.   This is just too much fun!

I would love to post more pictures but it is taking too much time.  Until next time.....


Laurie and George said...

Nice to spend time with friends..especially going out to dinner! Looks like a nice area up there.

Judy and Emma said...

Looks like your friends have done wonders with their little bit of heaven! :)

Rick and Paulette said...

That old stone fort has had quite a history. It sure looks to be in great shape for its age.

JOJO said...

The Stone Fort was on TV's Ghost Hunters. I know what a farce but you get to see lots of old places that way. lol It does have a wonderful history.
Your friends did a wonderful job fixing up that cute little retreat.

Happytrails said...

What a beautiful place your friends have created. Love that view!
Love the history of Old Stone Fort!! Thanks for sharing!