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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Just what do people do!

Upper Deerfield Twp, NJ

We have been at Camp Driveway at my daughters for weeks now.  We have 4 more weeks to go before we take off.  I truly love seeing family and catching up with friends, but being here all this time begs the question.  WHAT DO RETIRED PEOPLE DO????

Both Leonard and I can not imagine, at this time, being retired and puttering around a house.   Today I HAD to get out and about a bit.  We took off for a drive even though we faced showers most of the day.

We stopped at Cracker Barrel for breakfast and then headed to a part of NJ I've always loved.  The Pine Barrens.    Through the woods we rode.   We passed the ruins of Speedwell, a long deserted town in the middle of the woods.

A few more miles into the woods and we came upon this.

From experience I know these "puddles" are often deeper in to the sand than they look.  Probably could have crossed through but why take the chance even with our 4-wheel drive truck.    There was a way around it:

However, this tree is low and into the road.   Truck is taller and only 8 months old.   Not scratched yet, don't need to get around that bad.

So we turn around and decided to go to the historic village of Batsto.    We pass lots of cranberry bogs

 This area of the state is known for the growing of cranberries and blueberries.  The cranberry farms are part of the Ocean Spray co-op.    

As we get about 4 miles from Batsto we hit a detour due a bridge being out.  We find this a lot around here from damage during Hurricane Irene back in September.    We head off in another direction crossing over the Wading river.

About this time the rain is full upon us.  We decide to scrap a visit to Batsto today.  But one important task was complete.   Every Christmas we head to the nearest Hess station to add to Leonard's collection.

Those trucks must be a huge money maker for Hess.  In the few minutes Len went into the station to get his truck no less than 6 other cars pulled up with the people going into the station.  I saw not one car getting gas.

Our little ride took us out of the fiver for about 4.5 hours.   As I look at my calendar we have 4 dinner dates with friends, etc in the next three weeks.  We will have the granddaughters over this coming weekend.  As I said earlier, we enjoy catching up with friends and family but  if not traveling or volunteering, WHAT DO RETIRED PEOPLE DO???????


Sam&Donna Weibel said...

Didn't know Len collected Hess trucks, we have about twenty of them my late brother used to send Andy each Christmas and one Cities Service tanker mixed in. Next tiome you guys stop remind me to show them to Len. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

FULL-TIMERS...OCT. 17, 2009 said...

We stay in mostly warm climates. We are outside all the time hiking, bike riding, seeing the sights, walking, etc. Got to love the warmer climate!

MargieAnne said...

Retirement.... What retirement?

John is a great reader so when there are no projects he has his nose in a book. Me ... I have a million or so arty/crafty hobbies not to mention writing.

Discipline to actually do stuff and get things finished is my PROBLEM!!!!!

It is important, I think, to have something you enjoy doing on those down days when there is nothing planned and outside activities such as hiking are not going to be fun.

I must admit to a great deal of laziness these days.


Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

What do retired people do? Any thing they want:)

JoJo said...

I am usuaully busy doing something. I have my friends here in Tucson and we are on the run all the time. I belong to a crochet club and we make and donate so many things. When I leave for the summer I run around looking for places to take pictures. On down days I read or crochet small items to stock up on for the return to Tucson.
I think you just have cabin fever do to the weather.

Rick and Paulette said...

Whatever, whenever!

Elaine and Rick said...

what do retired people do? Exactly what they want without any time restraints :).....we retired in June are still in the stix and bricks till end of this month then taking off south for a few months of travel...I look back now and wonder where in heck I ever found the time to run our business...I'm just busy all the time...I said to rick the other night I need to retire from retiring life is just too darn busy right now..lol

smdrm said...

We're retired and will be going full-time in a year or so. I expect we'll continue to do what we do now - mostly computer activities and projects that we love. Hubby is a webmaster for 3 clubs. We're both ham radio operators, so there's lots to keep you occupied with that hobby. Hubby also likes to fish. I can be content reading, or being busy on the computer. Even just sitting outside and listening to/watching nature can fill hours. Love retired life!!

Donna W. said...

That's the scary part for me of retiring...being bored. as you know I am on the move all the time, and unlike Sam I cannot sit at the computer for hours, guess thats the ADD in me.
Joining clubs would be out because I'd try to run the thing.