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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Please Touch

Philadelphia, PA

On Tuesday we drove into Philadelphia taking Charlotte to the

Apparently lots of parents and grandparents decided to take the little ones there due to having the week between Christmas and New Years off or the kids not having school.    When we arrived we knew there would be crowds as all free surrounding parking spaces were filled and only a few spots available in the $8.00 fee parking lot.   We managed to find one close to the entrance.  (Great! as it was raining when we came out).

The lobby was impressive as we waited in line for tickets. $15.00 each with a 10% AAA discount.

This place was not at all what I expected.   As the name includes the word MUSEUM, that is what I expected to find.    Lots of scientific and natural objects like rocks, turtle shells, antlers, old things, etc.  Not at all.    I was a bit disappointed.   Please Touch Museum is a series of small play areas involving all sorts of activities.  

We found that most of the children were smaller than Charlotte, who is 5.  Abby, at two, is more age appropriate.  But Charlotte did have a good time.

Tea with the Mad Hatter.

A pose in front of a wavy Looking Glass.

Walking on the Moon

And out in space.

Attempting to pop a nerf rocket through a ring:

Checking out a child size room:

Her favorite area was the super market.   She played in it for a spell and then asked to return for another visit  before we left.

First trip with no available baskets or shopping carts.

Checking out:

On her second shopping trip, still all carts were in use but she did find a basket.

Note she only buys bread, fruit and veggies.  She bypasses the cereal, cookies, ice cream, etc.  This was with no prompting from us.   As she has lots of allergies, most of her diet is fruit and vegetables.  Even prior to diagnosing the allergies, this is the type of food she was given.    One note - she is gluten intolerant so the bread would be a no-no unless it is rice bread.   Also the milk she "bought" would have to be almond or rice milk.  Dairy is off limits too.

Charlotte was very well behaved at the "museum".  As her parents take her to various nature centers quite often, I suppose it was okay that Please Touch Museum was not what we expected.  We still enjoyed our time with her.


Anonymous said...

That sounds like a very fun place for kids! I think it's nice that there are no arcade games, noise, and sales pitches!

I remember taking our grands to a museum in Royal Gorge CO that was a touch me place - they had a great time! Sure wish they were young enough to enjoy that now :(

When are you heading out to warmer weather?

Paul and Marsha Weaver...OCT. 17, 2009 said...

Usually museums are usually a ton of fun. Your granddaughter cracks me up...doing her shopping. One day she will curse this job...LOL

Donna K said...

It sounds like fun, even if it was not quite what you expected.

Elaine and Rick said...

what a great day....and fun place for the kids...how could you not enjoy that...

Donna W. said...

We have the Magic House here in st louis....more along the lines of what you were expecting...kids learn a ton of stuff the whole time they are playing. Well worth a trip when you have younger ones.
Of course I had to keep slapping Sams hands when we would take Andy there cause he wanted to play too!

MargieAnne said...

Surprises are part of the fun although I sense your disappointment.

I think you had a wonderful time with the children... One of the things we miss in not having Grandchildren is being a kid again. They are a wonderful excuse to experience things we think we are too grown-up for. *smiles*

Blessings for 2012.