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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

What a DIP!

Hanlon County COE, Republican City,  Nebraska

We left Kansas yesterday around 9:30 a.m. and arrived at this COE park near the Kansas/Nebraska border right after noon.

The view from our rig:

We have 50 amp and water with a shower and LAUNDRY facility about 500 feet away. A LAUNDRY!  This is a first for us in a COE park.  Again, can't beat the cost with the Federal Senior Pass at $10.00 a night.    We took a ride last night around the lake going over the dam.

All is not beautiful however.  On the way, here going through a small town, we hit a dip in the road.  No warnings signs and did not see it coming upon us.  Was it ever a DIP.  Glad we were going slow.

When we started opening our slides we heard a strange sound in the living room slide so stopped the process.   There on the floor wedged into the bottom of the slide was the Christmas gift daughter Amy and family had given to us.   When traveling I have been shoving it between the seat of the sofa and the back cushions.  I suppose when we hit the dip it flew out and off the sofa.   The wooden trim had pulled from the slide but we pushed it back in.  No permanent damage.

But the "family tree" is destroyed.   Three limbs broke off in the jam into little pieces.  Fortunately the five pictures of grandchildren which hung on the limbs are fine.   This is upsetting to me.  Amy told me she bought it at Michaels.  I hope to find a replacement.

After finishing getting set up I attempted to open the back window's day/night shade.

It would not stay in place.   Len looked at it and found that a screw that holds the string which holds the shades in place had come out from the wall.   He wrapped the string around a bracket and the shade works again.

A little later Len went to open the bottom drawer of our file cabinet.   At that point we found the glides had come loose from the side of the cabinet and the bottom of the drawer broke in several areas and was siting on the floor.

The file cabinet sits on the back wall next to the sofa.   This was not a cheap piece of furniture and we've only had it a few months.    It appeared to be built from substantial wood but the bottoms are flimsy plywood.   This morning we found a lumber yard and got 3/4" plywood for the repair.  Len is outside now doing the fix.  Who wants a file cabinet looking this this!

One more issue.  We can not get our Satellite system to receive a signal.   There are trees around us but we have been in sites with more trees and have received the signal.    We've put our Wine Gard carry in Dome in several places, even in some very open areas but no luck yet.   The WineGard dome travels on a rack at the rear of the rig.   Could something have jarred or broke?  I guess we will find out when we get to our next stop.

One thing for sure - all the damage was done to items in the rear of the rig.  This is one time we are really glad not to have a rear kitchen!


Texas Yellow Rose said...

Wow, so sorry! What did ya run over on the way there?? :)

Kenny And Angela's Adventure said...

Must of been one big dip in that road.
Hang in there things always will get better.

Paul and Marsha Weaver...OCT. 17, 2009 said...

Our favorite parks are COE. We love how they are situated around some type of water. The sites are always way big enough and so quiet.
Sorry to hear about the family tree. You must have really hit something or other for all that to happen to your rig.

Rick Doyle said...

Sure is a nice park you are in right now.

Too bad about all the damage you had. Good thing Len's a great fixer upper though!

JOJO said...

WOW thats awfull. Lucky Len is so good at fixing things. I hope you find a replacement tree. I have one similar but smaller. My daughter also found it at Michael's.
Hope the rest of your travels go smoother.

Jerry / Carol said...

WOW. We've been jolted on the road but not that hard. Thankful that you have your own personal fix it guy. Not sure what is up on the satellite. If it does not churn when powered, I would pull the dome to make sure nothing came loose inside. Also, there are apps for iPhone and droid that will show satellite locations. Best wishes for success.