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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Have we seen Kansas!

Lake Wilson COE,  Sylvan Grove, KS

Our time in Kansas will come to an end on Monday when we head to Nebraska.    Who would have thought Kansas would be so interesting.  

Fick Fossil and History Museum - Oakley

This Mosasaur skull is the oldest documented Tylosaurus Proriger ever found anywhere in the world.

There are displays of locally found minerals, rocks and fossils as well as items from around the US and all across the world.

We did a lot of country side driving thru prairies and plains.   All over the state this is the way they post property as no trespassing or no hunting.

Ellis Kansas

After leaving Oakley we spent 6 days at Lakeside City RV Park in Ellis.  This is a small park right in town offering water and 50 amp electric.    Our view

And right down the road and across the street in the railroad museum.  At one time Ellis was a major stop of the Union Pacific RR.

While in Ellis we visited the

The man who founded Chrysler Motors grew up in this house.  His father worked for the Union Pacific as did Walter as a young man.

Walter became interested in the automobile and because of his work experience and management expertise he was offered a position with the Buick Company.   They put him in charge but did not allow him the final say.  He left and started his own company.   This is the actual 6th car that rolled off the Chrysler line.

Behind the house is a small museum chock full of all items Chrysler.    After browsing the museum, we were taken into the house.   The Chrysler's were the first in town to have  a "bathroom".  That's all it was, a room to take a bath.   Water had to be pumped outside and brought it.  When everyone was done the bathing, the water would be scooped up to be tossed outside.

Lake Wilson/Lucas Park COE

We are currently spending 6 days at this beautiful COE park.    I was lucky because as I snapped this picture entering the campground, a deer crossed the road.  You have really look to see him/her,

A view from our site:

Eisenhower Presidential Museum and Library, Abilene

Yesterday we took a 160 mile round trip drive to Abilene to see the site of the Eisenhower complex.

The house where he lived from age 2 until he went to West Point.

All the furniture in the house is the original.   There is a museum on the complex which we spent hours in.   This is the Presidential Library and Research Center.   There are limited displays and access for tourists in the library making the museum and house the main attractions.

The chapel holds the graves of President Eisenhower, Mamie and a young son.

Guess we pretty well have Eisenhower covered.  We've visited the house in which he was born in Denison, Tx, the house he grew up in and site he is buried in Abilene, Ks and the house he retired to after the presidency in Gettysburg, Pa.


Donna K said...

I still remember "I Like Ike" campaign buttons. Seems so long ago.

I could see the deer crossing the road - neat picture. A a nice place you're staying in too.

Rick Doyle said...

Thanks for tour and photos of Kansas and the Eisenhower Presidential Museum.

Judy and Emma said...

You surely saw a lot in Kansas, and not even one ear of corn! :)

Sam&Donna Weibel said...

and here I always thought kansas was nothing but flatlands and crops, thanks for the education


Paul and Marsha Weaver...OCT. 17, 2009 said...

Great photos and write up on Eisenhower. Love to visit these places.
I also did not know that the founder of Chrysler Motors was born in that area. Fascinating.

JOJO said...

What a lot of territory you have covered in KS.

Great tour of Eisenhower's home and museum.

What a lucky shot of the deer crossing the road.

Laurie and George said...

Who would have thought there were things in Kansas to see? Nice park, I like it.

Rick Doyle said...

Phyllis, I'm curious - did you manage to find out anymore about the comment problem you were having re the pop-up ads??

meowmomma said...

As a Kansan, I have to admit that Laurie and George pretty much hit the nail on the head! Most people who come here are either heading through on the way to someplace else, or are visiting relatives! We thank you guys for your commerce money spent!!! lol Next time, if there is to be one, get off of that darn I-70 and try one of the other great highways that go east and west (or north and south!) and I promise you'll see even more!

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

Really enjoyed the presidential museum, thanks for a revisit:)