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Friday, October 26, 2012

Back at Camp Driveway

Upper Deerfield Twp,  NJ

We left Codorus State Park near Hanover PA on Tuesday and drove down to "camp" at our daughter's in southern New Jersey until around January 2.

It would have been a treat to stay at Codorus as it looks like they have Halloween down pat.

Rigs were moving in and getting their decorations set up.

We were talking to one couple who go there for Halloween weekend every year.  They said about 2,000 kids come through the park.   WOW!   That's a lot of candy to buy.   
Everywhere we looked the crew were hanging orange or white lights - on trees, on restrooms, along paths.   If it were not that far away, it would be fun to check it out.  However, Hurricane Sandy is expected to come through the area a day or so before.  I wonder how many rigs will be packing it in and heading home.
As for us, we will be fine here at Terri and Steve's house.   We have a generator, they have a generator.  We will have the rig's fresh water tanks filled.  We had a appointment in Delaware on Wednesday to get a 2nd A/C unit installed and the roof cleaned and checked out.   This can be done at a later date.    Who knows, after this storm we just might need additional work to be done.


Paul and Marsha Weaver...OCT. 17, 2009 said...

Oh what fun to see a campground all decked out for Halloween. Even if the candy was penny candy, that still is a good wad of money to spend.

Sam&Donna Weibel said...

Hope that storm misses you guys,we might get the occasional tornado here at the Ranch, but we miss out on all the hurricanes. Be safe out there and let us know how you are doing.Sam & Donna...

Texas Yellow Rose said...

Hope you guys (and us) stay safe and comfortable and that your homes - both rolling and stix-n-brix - come through with no damage. Our plans have changed; we will close up the rig and leave it here on the property. Dave, Maggie and I have booked a nearby hotel for Sunday until Thursday. That keeps us safe and is close enough that we can come back to the property and check on the rig, moving it to higher ground if necessary. Well, and if there are no trees down on the driveway! Who would have thought NJ would be so exciting as it has been the past year? Keep in touch when you can and we will, too!

Laurie and George said...

Hope you guys stay safe there in NJ. Sandy's looking a bit scary for the northeast now.

Kenny And Angela's Adventure said...

Hope the storm misses you and you guys enjoy your time with the kids.

Cold here in KC..

Rick Doyle said...

With that big storm headed your way Halloween might just be extra scary this year.

Hope you don't get hit hard by it and stay safe.