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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Two days left

Ives Run COE, Tioga Pa

We have but two days left here in Tioga.   We had planned on going to a small campground in Sinnemahoning, Pa about 80 miles from here when we leave.  From that location we will be doing some much needed repairs to our family cabin up in the mountains near the neighboring town of Driftwood.

I attempted to call the campground a few times over the weekend but the line was always busy so we decided "what the heck, take a ride over" yesterday.    We left Tioga around 9:30 and headed out on route 287 and connected with Pa Route 6 in Wellsboro.  I am the navigator and somehow had us headed east instead of West.   We got about 20 miles down the road when I realized my mistake.  This is unusual for me.   I am really quite a good navigator.   I became somewhat frustrated with myself.

Shortly after we got turned around we saw two fifthwheels pulled to the side of the road with a man checking something under one of them.  As is our usual practice when we see a RV pulled over and we are able to safely stop, we check to see if help is needed.

It appears a branch had caught in the frame and the man was pulling it out.   The woman in one of the rigs noticed our NOMADS placard on the side of the truck and she and her husband asked Len about it.   They are recent fulltimers, also Methodist and are looking for something else to do but travel.   We talked to them about NOMADS and gave them brochures.  They were excited about this possibility and said they could not wait to check the NOMADS website.   We believe it was no accident I got us turned in the wrong direction.  We call this a God Thing.

A while further down RT 6 we picked up Rt 872 that took us 45 miles directly into Sinnemahoning.  Len said he needed to find a restroom.  We knew Sinnemahoing State Park was on this route and having been there many times knew there would be a restroom.    We found the park and pulled in.   After coming to this area for over 40 years, what a surprise.  Last year a Nature/Visitor center was opened.  

After using the facitilies and checking out the center, we drove on to the campground.    We stayed at this campground 5 years ago when we put a new roof on the cabin.  It had lots of open fields and the cost was reasonable.  Now the field is full with permanent sites.  We found the owner who told us he only has 3 sites for transients now.   And since this is a good time of year for Elk viewing he has no site available until late Sunday.   As we know there is no way to get the rig up to our cabin, we booked for 11 days starting on Sunday.    The "campground" has only electric and water for transients but at $12.00 a night, who cares!  Our black tank is good for 3 weeks and the owner said the gray can be run on the ground.  

After lunch at the only place open in the area, we drove the four miles up in the mountain to check out the cabin.

It's not much.  When my Mom and Dad bought it in the mid 60's it had no plumbing, electric, etc.   They added a few creature comforts such as propane heat, running water with even a toilet and shower and electricity.  

This building was once a one room schoolhouse.   It sits about 500 feet up a hill overlooking a river called Mix Run.  We need to replace the pump this trip. Fortunately there is a wood stove inside.  Last year we bought two new 100 pound propane tanks and had them filled.  They were placed on a cement slab and chained.   I guess someone in the area needed them more than we did as they were disconnected and disappeared.  Won't be doing that again!

The name Mix Run comes from a local family who lived about 1/4 mile up the gravel road.   Nothing is left of this homestead but a foundation and a few stone pathways.   The cowboy actor Tom Mix was born there and went to this schoolhouse.   If you don't know who Tom Mix was - Google it!

We decided to take another route back to Tioga to determine which one would be best to bring our rig down.   The roads are narrow and curvy in this area of Pa.   We took route 120 from Sinnemahoming which connects to Rt 144 near Renovo.  

On 144 we passed another state park - Ole Bull.   We turned there and secured a campsite for Thursday to Sunday.   Electric only, but that's okay.  The area is gorgeous.  Our route has been decided - Rt. 144 it is.


Carol and Kevin said...

The Tom Mix Museum is not too far from here in Dewey, OK. Saw the sign the other day. Might have to make a stop.

Kenny And Angela's Adventure said...

Thats a neat story about Tom Mix.I know Len wasn't up set about your loss of direction.lol

Peggy n David said...

Phyllis - somehow God seems to make sure we navigate 'correctly' no matter what :)

So sorry to hear about your propane tanks - people are so flippin rude!

You will have a marvelous time while you are there :)

Paul and Marsha Weaver...OCT. 17, 2009 said...

I believe it was a "God" thing too. What a wonderful outreach program you two are involved in. AND to get others involved is wonderful.

What a lovely Nature/Visitor center. Looks so inviting.

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

I do remember Tom Mix and now I know where he went to school:)

Judy and Emma said...

Sounds like everything worked out well in the end. :)

Laurie and George said...

I remember your Tom Mix story from last year..looksike the cabin is in good shape! God things...I like that. We had to allow God to find us a gas station today. Floated in on fumes!

Rick Doyle said...

I remember Tom Mix but perhaps that's not such a good thing!

I'd rather have had God watching my propane tanks than directions!

JOJO said...

Those full tanks couldn't have been easy to move. Hope they really needed. Looks like a cozy place.
Interesting story to ge along with the cabin.

Donna K said...

How nice that you were able to share your mission with potential helpers. Yup, a God thing is a good thing!!! Too bad about the propane tanks. Like you said, I hope someone really needed them.