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Friday, February 22, 2013

We're famous! Well, maybe not....

Huntsville,  TX

We on in our fourth day of gate guarding.    Thinking we are starting to get in the grove.   Len goes to bed around 7 pm.  I wake him around 2 am and I sleep until around 8.   If tired during the day one of us will take a nap.   He's doing just that right now.   I have a hard time sleeping during the day but think when lack of sleep catches up with me I'll zonk.

Later today I will head to town for some groceries and check at the post office to see if we have a mail package.

To reply to some comments from the last blog:

Jessica - I think we are about 12 miles from Huntsville and stores.   Some sites are a lot more remote.  This is not bad.  We are about 60 feet from the county road which is not heavily traveled.   We are surrounded on three sides by woods.  We can see the rig behind us about 1,000 feet or so.

Judy - I don't see how a solitary person could do this.  However, our contact with the company used to.  I guess he slept in a recliner during the night.   Here there is very little traffic at night.   I signed someone in a little after 1 am.  The next person came through at 4 am.   I am sure Leonard napped during this time.  It would be hard to sleep through the bell that rings when someone arrives or leaves.

Laurie - as far as getting dirt in the rig, yea that happens.   We have one of those large RV mats that catches a lot.  The ground here is mostly gray clay and stone.  We are only about 15 feet from the driveway.  Not tracking dirt in would be a challenge.   In addition, since we are that close to the driveway and equipment and all size vehicles go by, the rig is a dust magnet.   This morning I dusted but by tonight it probably won't look like it.

CJ - I wish it were so that I would lose weight due to not eating out.  But I am snacking all day now.  I suppose from boredom.   Gotta keep this under control.

This is our utility setup.  Generator with fuel, water, and sewer system. 

Now for the we're famous part.   This company was involved in a law suit regarding how they pay wages.  They won the suit arguing the gate guards are independent contractors under wage and hour.  A sales person who was here yesterday showed us an article about the case in the local paper.

This morning the owner of the company came by with a photographer.   There will be an article in the Wall Street Journal.  They took pictures of our rig, the owner standing by the rig and Len logging in some traffic.  They asked us a few questions and told us they would let us know when the article is published.  

Okay - Len is up and I'm headed to town.


Texas Yellow Rose said...

You know, a gate guard gig in those surroundings might be something I could tolerate. Much, much better than South Texas. Hope everything continues to go smoothly and I'll look forward to hearing when the WSJ article comes out! Whoohoo!

MargieAnne said...

Fame for sure.

Take up knitting *Joke*

I spend too many hours on my laptop but it keeps me out of the kitchen. *smiles*


Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

Oh my...now I can say I know someone famous.

Better collect some pine needles and start making baskets like I do. The time will fly!

Kenny And Angela's Adventure said...

Angela and I would like to hear more about the job.

We have talk about doing that for some extra cash.

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

I would say that being mentioned in the WSJ is a big deal:) Those utilities have a pretty big foot print:)

JO said...

Who knows you very well become famous through this job. :)

Laurie and George said...

Wow, and we knew ya when. :-) We'll keep an eye out for the article!

Carol said...

Very cool about WSJ article. Can't wait to see it. Sounds like you are settling into a routine. Will be curious to see how you enjoy the time in one place.